Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In WoW we wage war on a daily basis... In the real world we should not have to.

(This is not a WoW related article. It is political and personal and if you are not interested, don't read it. Thank you.)

In WoW we wage war on a daily basis...we kill eachother, we blast our targets into oblivion, we try to poke at Arthas weekly. The difference between our beloved WoW and Real Life is that if we lose we get up and try again, if you beat me on the battleground you prove your skills and the lack of mine and in time all mobs will respawn. In real life a loss of a human life, a kitten, a critter is permanent.
And we who play WoW know the difference, don't we?

What is it about this insane world of ours that allows ninjas like the Israeli army to take it as their right to attack a humanitarian convoy of ships in International Waters? It makes me sad and above all it makes me angry.
Police Operation? Excuse me??? What gives Israel the right to police INTERNATIONAL WATERS? Fail!
Big fail Israel... *disappointed*

I am also sorry if my readers' views do not match mine, but I feel it is something that fills my mind more at this moment than what outfits I need to farm. Because the lives of those people who wanted nothing other than to aid others in need will not be ressed. There is no spirit healer for them. There is no mage to conjure water and food for those who starve in Palestine. Or anywhere else in this rotten world for that matter.

In WoW we wage war on a daily basis... In the real world we should not have to.

What about our friendships?
When we play this game, violent as it may seem, we build bonds with people across the world. We laugh, we share our troubles and good news... /hug, /smile, /love...
Why can't we do the same when we meet under the RL sun?

I don't care if you are Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist.... I don't care if you are Israeli, Canadian, Norwegian, German or Japanese... I don't care about your sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression... Just be a human being! Respect human rights!

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