Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dalaran Wizard Update

Hi! This is an update for those interested in creating Dalaran and Kirin Tor related outfits.

I promised you I would find a way for you to match the outfits of mages stationed around the city of Dalaran. I think I have now come pretty close.
(Click on the images to make them bigger.)

Here is your Dalaran wizard outfit:

The helm that the lovely lady wizard above is wearing, I have not been
successful in finding, so the hat and turban will have to do. For the hat you have three options. It is easiest to purchase the Violet Hat at Threads of Fate in Dalaran. In addition, it will save you some bagspace as it is not soulbound and you can have your lower level characters wear it. However at a price of 40 gold, it may not be your cheapest choice. If you check your auction house now and then, you may run across the following two items at reasonable prices: Darkmist Wizard Hat and Regal Wizard Hat. Hanuma is wearing the Regal hat.
The turban you need, should you decide to go for that, is the Purple Turban and probably the most expensive item of this outfit. It is sold for just under 100 gold. A cheaper alternative is the Mystical Headwrap. The auction house is your best friend. *winks*

Lesser Wizard's Robe is the robe you want. It is the same one the mages wear. Another correct match are the Mystical Gloves.
Add a Tabard of the Kirin Tor and a Regal Cloak to your outfit and you are almost there. The belt has been giving me trouble so I have taken some freedom in picking a very pretty one out for you: Magister's Belt. I know that the correct model is the same as Voidweave Cilice and Angelista's Grasp, but I have not yet found a purple version of it. Help is appreciated.

Right before I left for Japan I came across the shoulders that are the same as those the Elf wizard is wearing. The shoulders I am talking about are the Elder Wizard's Mantle. Your best bet to get these is Ragnaros from Molten Core, with a drop rate of 12%.
Yesterday though, I picked these up from Nefarian, so check the drop table. PS: Don't bother looking for Lord Kazzak as he a while back was moved to Outland and no longer drops the shoulders.
There is an alternative pair that can be looted from rares across level 30 or so areas in Azeroth; Elder's Mantle. But be warned, the rares are not always easy to find and the drop rate is very low. Both items are BoE, so keep an eye out for these on the auction house. I just saw two Elder's Mantles on auction on TVC.

Still, getting the abovementioned shoulders might take some time. For now, I have easier to get shoulders for you: Mystical Mantle. Same looking shoulders are Bonecaster's Spaulders and the Destroyer's Mantle. The latter are a quest reward from Natural Remedies in Hellfire Peninsula and probably your safest bet, but they are also the shoulders that require the highest level to be worn.

All wizards in Dalaran wear shirts under their robes. The perfect shirt would be a purple or black version of the Green Holiday Shirt, but that is not to be. I have gone for Squire's Shirt, which is a part of the Draenei paladin starter outfit.
If you wish to complete your outfit, there are some little things you can add. These are: Pendant of the Violet Eye, Ward of the Violet Citadel and perhaps a Kirin Tor ring from Harold Winston. If you are a mage then consider learning these spells: Dalaran Intellect, Dalaran Brilliance and Polymorph: Black Cat. Tomes to teach you these can be purchased from Endora Moorehead.

Well, that's it. Wear this and you will be able to fool a few people asking for directions in Dalaran. Quite amusing actually.
Hanuma says: "Can I help you find something, Sir?" *giggles*

Alternative Kirin Tor outfits:

To once and for all finish my obsession with the Kirin Tor, I give you my last free style takes on Dalaran mage outfits. Did you really expect me to stop here? After all...I am a mage myself. *grins*

On cold days I prefer to exchange my Lesser Wizard's Robe for the Warm Winter Robe. Since this robe is not avaliable to players of the Horde, here is your easiest alternative: White Linen Robe. Also check out the Snowy Robe and try pairing it up with Rich Purple Silk Shirt or something white. The shoulders I have used for this and all of the following outfits are the Mystical Mantle. Also try the Wizard's Belt.

The Rich Purple Silk Shirt has the same looks as the upper part of the Lesser Wizard's Robe. This gives you the opportunity to mix and match to create some interesting and unique wizard outfits. I have two alternatives for you. Once again, the lovely dresses came in handy. I have used the Lovely Purple Dress and the Lovely Black Dress.

Also, you can wear the shirt with a pair of
purple pants. I have used the Dreadmist Leggings, but you can also try the Kirin Tor Master's Trousers for a more authentic feel.

Lastly, if you are a mage with a love for flare, try wearing your wizard outfit with Festive Purple Dress or Festive Pink Dress.

That's it for today. Enjoy your outfits! :)

What do you wear?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fire Mage Red

Hello again!
It has been a while, and yes I am finally back from Japan. I had a great time there. Also..I got
married! :) Well, now that I got that out, I can get back to blogging.

As the title implies, this post is dedicated to all fire mages out there. I have played a fire mage most of my WoW life, and have of course during that time put some effort into creating an outfit to capture the spirit of my kind. Though I have during this time created a few red sets, I will be showing you three today, along with suggestions on what other items you can use to personalize your own outfits. Of course these are not mage-only outfits. I welcome anyone who wishes so to wear them. (Just a reminder: you can click on the images to enlarge them.)

Hanuma can mostly be seen in the following set. It is the one I find best captures the upper class feel of the mage (*grins*) and the colors and flashyness of the fire specialization.

The lovely head piece is the Magister's Crown. You can get it in Scholomance from Darkmaster Gandling, if I am not mistaken.
My shoulders of choice are Mantle of Three Terrors from The Black Morass - the ultimate and most unique looking red shoulders. They are fairly easy to get even though the drop rate may not be the best. I will gladly take suggestions you may have on alternative shoulders. Ruby Drape of the Mysticant is the cloak I have gone for.
The bracers are Crimson Bracers of Gloom but the outfit can work just as well without them. I just like them so much.

Now the robe...
Hanuma is wearing the Silvermoon Robes. An easier to get robe with the same looks is the Acolyte's Robe - the starting robe for Blood Elf warlocks.
Why not go for the Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes (Magister's Terrace)? Well, I just don't like my belly showing, ok? I'm blue, the robes are red...not a good match. Unless you are a flag...oh well..
But, I know that the Scarlet robe looks pretty good on other races. I particularly like the way it looks on undead. On male characters it is even nicer in my opinion. So, check it out and choose what suits you best. You can also try the Acolyte's Robe from Human and Gnome warlock starting outfits and the Red Linen Robe.

There is a great number of weapons to choose from that would suit a mage and that in addition are glowing, fiery or even red. Staves are quite traditional compared to swords and daggers, but I believe a mage's personality should come in here. I tend to go for daggers. Here are the
weapons I carry.
Perdition's Blade (Molten Core) is my favourite weapon for the mage set, although I have used Emberstone Staff (Deadmines) at lower levels. I also use Dragonfang Blade (Blackwing Lair) from time to time with other outfits, as you will see below. I know it is not a caster item, but I could not resist the look of it.
My offhand of choice would be the Fire Runed Grimoire, while I would go for the Fire Ruby for one of my trinket slots. The inscription on the trinket is quite fitting.
I'll just go off topic for a second here. The Destroy Morphaz quest that gives you the Fire Ruby has three rewards, each of them matching their mage talent trees; arcane, frost and fire. Nifty if you are looking for something mage specific.

Now I know I have not been fair to those races that actually can wear shoes. I'm just jealous, you know. ;) I have tried to find you a pair of red boots, but have only come across these so far: Imperial Red Boots.

If you are looking for a simpler, down to earth look I suggest going for this one.
have paired up the Robe of Combustion with the Onyxia Scale Cloak. Turbans also go well with loose robes such as this one and give the outfit a more exotic feel. The turban I would recommend is Spellweaver's Turban as the blue matches nicely with the blue of the robe. Plus, the feather reminds me of a flame. Gloves used are Aboriginal Gloves but you can also try the Starfire Gloves. I find the Emberstone Staff looks well with this set. If you prefer a red turban to a blue one, try the Gnomish Turban of Psychic Might.

This third look gives the wearer a darker image. It is also a bit of an old-school approach to red sets. Here you see Robe of the Crimson Order combined with the Bloodmoon Cloak, Outlander's Facewrap and Imperial Red Mantle. In the pictures to your right you can see the Dragonfang Blade as well. This is my second favourite set.

Just as there is a myriad of weapons that work well for mage sets, there is also a lot of choice when it comes to head items. If you for instance wish to give your face mask some flare, you can go for the Blood Elf Bandit Mask in stead of the facewrap. I know this mask can at times be pricy at the auction house, but don't despair. You can farm it yourself. Make a targeting macro and do some laps around Azuremyst Isle. I managed to get a couple in an hour.

Another favorite of mine is the Crimson Felt Hat. You will come across this one on the many runs through Stratholme - yes we are all looking for the impressive Rivendare mount... I still haven't gotten mine. *sigh* The hat is pretty nice though! :)

Lastly, for this set, and all other red ones.. The rarest thing you can equip in the head slot must be the Ruby Shades. Though they are not my personal favourite for this set, they have to be mentioned as they are a good alternative for those who like to impress by wearing something that I have seen on sale for over 10k gold on my server. "That's hawt!" - as Haris Pilton would say... I think I'll hold on to mine just for that. Lyst, thanks for the awesome shades!

If you are looking for a belt, check this one out. It''s called Angelista's Grasp and you can get it in Blackwing Lair. Who is Angelista? :)

Oh yes! A pet lover like me should not skip this bit. Often I try to keep my sets as complete as possible, and that includes vanity pets.

For the first set I usually summon my Phoenix Hatchling. However, since I got my Red Drake mount I have also had my Crimson Whelpling out more. For those with a Red Proto-Drake, the Proto-Drake Whelp is of course the way to go and would match the second and third set nicely.
Also, the Magical Crawdad, Razzashi Hatchling, Green Wing Macaw and Strand Crawler will work well if you want to go for less obvious combinations.
What I wish for the most? Ashes of Al'ar!

What do you wear?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All The Little Things: Trinkets, Part Three

And so it is, the last part in the forever long list of fun WoW trinkets! I like to think that I have saved the best for last, at least some of the most popular ones, namely the transformation trinkets. There are not many out there but the three I found are rather exclusive and desireable. In addition, I will show you some trinkets that might amuse you in a combat situation and some I found too interesting to drop. So, shall we just get down to business? *wink*

The first one on the list is not too hard to come by if you are willing to do a bit of farming, yet I have not seen many people carrying this fun little trinket. Its name is Orb of Deception and it will transform your character into one of the opposing faction. It is, however, not random who you turn in to. According to the information on wowhead the transformations are as follows: dwarf – troll, gnome – tauren, human – orc, night elf – undead, draenei – blood elf.

Gender will remain the same. This means that if you are a female draenei like in the screenshot here, you will transform into a female blood elf and vice versa. Special thanks to Dendte for letting me take a screenshot! A dwarf will then turn into a troll - thanks Addy!
The highest droprate as far as I can see is
mainly off of Skarr the Unbreakable, a rare elite in Feralas.

Hook of the Master Angler is one of the two rewards you can choose from if you are lucky enough to win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. I am planning on giving the competition a go soon, since I am a die-hard fisherwoman and it is the only challenging achievement I am missing for my Salty title. If I win, I’ll be picking up this trinket for sure. Wish me luck.

And last but not least, there is the Time-lost Figurine. This awesome trinket is the rarest one you can get your hands on and will turn you in to a random arakkoa. It has its own emotes and all and drops from Terokk, whom you have to summon. Prepare to work for this beauty, though. Getting the mats necessary for the summon takes some time and work and then you are at the mercy of Lady Luck. But believe is worth it. And how great is it that Addy got the exact same look as Talon King Ikiss!
Talon King Ikiss yells: Ra-ak! Trinkets, yes. Pretty trinkets! Ak!

Aaand then there are the trinkets that shine in combat:
I sometimes dream of dropping a house on someone, but a meteor will have to do in a pinch. If you feel the same way try Shard of the Fallen Star. However, you must be very lucky indeed if you got your hands on this one and I will envy you loads. It is a fairly rare trinket, dropping only in AQ.
But, if you prefer a more 'surprise me' approach you can go two ways. Either try some of the more unstable and goofy engineering trinkets or something like the Six Demon Bag.

The Six Demon Bag will summon demons, sheep your foes…or you.. there seems to be no limits to what it can do. A similar trinket would be the Monster Slayer’s Kit...if you have it. It is another one of those unavaliable trinkets, as it was a part of the pre-expansion events. Funny how these two seem to be the opposite of eachother. If you are nice go for the Monster Slayer Kit, and if you want to be bad go for the Six Demon Bag. ;)
But, let me just make it clear. If you are not easily impressed or expect something hilariously funny to happen every time you use your trinket, then these might not be for you. I suggest you try some of the following trinkets in stead:

The Cannonball Runner will spawn a pretty nice looking cannon that will shoot at your foes. Also, this trinket is quite nice if you are a guard or even a pirate. ;) Now I know that for those of us who run in to Stratholme just for the Rivendare mount, this trinket will be a detour. Still, Stratholme has so much to offer that perhaps sometimes you could give yourself a break from the timed routine and go for the cannon, the flute and even the Postmaster set in addition to the mount?

More gadgety ways of defeating your enemies can be using the Gnomish Poultryizer, Goblin Rocket Launcher or the Gnomish Universal Remote. It is really worth it to check out the engineering profession for more fun gadgets.

Before I go I want to give some space to a few things. Fistly, check out The Skull of Gul’Dan - possibly the trinket on my list with most history. I know some of you will appreciate it. It will also turn your character green and this green glow will trail after you. Still, I have a bit of a problem with items like this. For how many people can run around with an item there is only supposed to be one of? But that may just be me.
Secondly, I found two very interesting trinkets for warlocks: The Black Book and Pimgib's Collar. A black book and a collar for your Imp? If I was a warlock, these two would be my trinkets of choice.

Well, that's it! I hope you found something you liked in all this, and I really hope I didn't put you to sleep. *blush*
There are some people I have to thank for helping with these last three posts. Thank you Dendte, Addy, Lyst and Elira for letting me take screenshots of you! Especially Addy who showed me his entire collection. Special thanks to Sumec for pushing me to publish, and Elira and Xarva for giving me feedback and encouragement. *hugs*
I could not have done it without you.

Should you be crazy enough to want more, or feel this has been too messy, let me know and I will email you a comprehensive list. (It is alphabetically ordered and sorted by epics, blues and greens. Plus there are descriptions and links to wowhead. Yes, I am just that nerdy.)
How to get in touch with me? For now, you can send an ingame mail to Hanuma on The Venture Co.
I will, however not be able to respond for some time as I am leaving for Japan on Friday! That also means that I will not be posting anything for the next few weeks... Take care! ;)

What do you wear?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All The Little Things: Trinkets, Part Two

Hi and welcome to the second post on trinkets!

Last night I stopped at Barov Peasant Caller, and that is where I
will pick up today. Just like the peasant caller, there are other companion trinkets out there that will summon an ally or three to help you out:

As a mage, the Tiny Voodo Mask is a trinket I would really like to get my hands on. It drops from Hex Lord Malacrass in Zul'Aman with a decent enough drop rate. Why is it so much fun? Pay attention..
Now, what I am about to suggest can also be done by other classes, but it works best for mages because we already have some extra companions - our mirror images. Try this out: Drink some pygmy oil until you turn into a little voodoo gnome, pop your mirror images in addition to using this trinket and you will instantly have an army of seven or eight (depending on your glyphs) masked voodoo gnomes. Shiny!

Another sweet companion trinket is the Defender of the Timbermaw. If you have a Timbermaw exalted status and then most likely also the Diplomat title this would be the trinket for you. Also, the Defender of the Timbermaw is without a doubt a good addition for furbolg fans, especially those in posession of Dartol's Rod of Transformation.

Speaking of factions... Depending on your reputation status with the Netherwing, you can attain trinkets that will summon a Netherwing drake to assist you - for instance Commander's Badge. If you are a proud owner of a Netherwing drake, this might be the item for you. Let me add that this little fella is just as useful for pet collectors such as myself. ;)

So, should pets be your thing, you should check out the whelpling trinkets engineers can craft: Mechanical Dragonling and Mithril Mechanical Dragonling. It is so great that they are BoE! My all time favourite pets have b
een the whelplings of which I have all four of course. In my opinion, their mechanical counterparts are just as awesome.
Jewelcrafters are also blessed as they can craft bop trinkets that will spawn different critters when you use them. My favourite is the Golden Hare. It makes you run faster but the fun part is that it also spawns a bunny to run with you.

Now for the most popular companion trinket: To me it is a homage to hentai, to my friend and many out there it is the most fun trinket ever. You know of what I speak. *grins* Yes… it’s the Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun. The item drops from C'thun in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. And apparently there is now also a level 80 eqivalent – the Vanquished Clutches of Yogg Saron - Ulduar of course. Go for the one you prefer, or go for both and enjoy! hehe

The downside to some of the abovementioned trinkets is that the cooldown may be long compared to the short time you get to spend with your companions. The Barov Peasant Caller, for instance, has a very short duration indeed - less than ten seconds.

Before I wrap up I want to give some space to the Argent Dawn trinkets. For Argent Dawn fans the following three trinkets are very likely a must. Firstly, there is the Argent War Horn that will summon a knight to the rescue. In the beginning the summoned knight was a human paladin for us of the Aliance. However this has been changed and now both Aliance and Horde players get the same form, which is a Blood Elf paladin - gender is random. I still love this trinket very much. What I am not so fond of is that I cannot use it with Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire. Oh well..

Apparently the weapon the summoned Argent knight carries is the Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood (from Nefarian, Blackwing Lair). Looks pretty good. I believe it is possible to collect armor to match your knight. If you in addition are a Blood Elf and a paladin, now that I would love to see. So there's a challenge for you. I will look more into it as well. ;)

The other two trinkets are the Argent Dawn Banner and Argent Tome. When used, the first trinket will spawn an Argent Dawn banner with a paladin like consecration mark on the ground, while the second will spawn a large book floating in air (though it looks impressive it is the shortest lasting one of the three).
Now for the disappointing cannot buy these any more. They were a part of the Scourge Invasion event before the WOTLK expansion and could be purchased for necrotic runes. So, sorry folks!

You can, however, still wear the Argent Dawn Commission trinket. *soothe* It is easy enough to get, but if you want something more fancy there are: Rune of the Dawn and Seal of the Dawn. I however still prefer the Argent Dawn Commission..

Well, that would be it for today! *phew* In the next and last post, I will show you a few pretty nice transformation trinkets as well as a some rare trinkets you can use for fun while in combat. Untill then...

What do you wear?