Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm back!

Hey, hey, hey! Feels like I've been away for an eternity...

Just posting to let you know that I am home again and that I will be getting back to work on the upcoming posts now, though it will be slow as Starcraft II entered our apartment and my husband and I are battling for computer access.

Did get enough time today to finally grab the blue drake from Oculus. One mount less on the wish list! 

Anyways, upcoming posts are: 
1. Sexy Outfits....
2. Fire Mage Red Update - which will be a part of mage gear posts on frost, fire and arcane gear.

....aaand it's about time I admit that I do have the Cata beta and that yes, I will be looking into it for you. Haven't really played it much as I haven't had the time at all. Wish I didn't have to live and sleep. *sighs*

So, that's that. Hope to get something out here within a week or so.

Hugs from Hanu!


  1. Welcome back, Hanu~ :D I imagine epic battles over computer access, haha

  2. Yaya, welcome back =D Just finished reading the event post from before, so true, so true, pesky rabbit campers >-< Looking forward to some more insightfull looks at the more delicate side of this World of Warcraft ;)

  3. Zerg rush him.