Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's finally weekend! Yaay! Too tired to write so here's something from RL with a little WoW flavor!

Yupp, I walk my Josie on a leash at least an hour every day.

She loves it. Even drags me home when she's had enough. :)
And after the walk it's back to doing what cats do best...

WoW imitating real life or the other way around?

Got this MMS a while back of my parents' new family member...

...and thought...

..."Hello little druid kitteh!" ;))

Update! I am almost done with all the screenshots for the mage posts. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them and add them to the upcoming articles, so please send me a mail or leave a comment here. Thanks!

Was just reading Arcane Brilliance and...lmao at warlocks constantly claiming they are better than mages!
"Nat - Hey finch, can I get a port to Dal?
Finch - Sure. 500gold please.
Nat - What? That's ridiculous!
Finch - Well, ya should've rolled a mage.
Nat - But Warlocks have better CC
Finch - Then fear yourself to Dalaran. kbai"


  1. She's gorgeous!!! I love cats too, but by some prank of a higher power, am allergic to almost any furred animal :(

    *offers virtual hugs to the kitteh*

  2. Being allergic to kitties! O.O Horrible! I think I'd rather be allergic to chocolate!
    Though most hypoallergenic cats are not exactly the furriest and prettiest of their kind, there are a few out there. My friend is allergic to cats but says she has very little issues with her Siberian cat (they are soo pretty). Maybe that's something to look into? ;)

  3. I don't think it's cats in particular or their saliva I'm allergic to, but the fur that tickles the nose and messes up my senses ._. I heard about jabs or pills that can help with that though :D

    Doesn't stop me from trying to offer strays a quick pat though! I just have to keep the hand away from my face until it gets scrubbed :D