Friday, May 14, 2010

"Keep the noise down. People are reading here.."

One of my faults in WoW as in life has been hoarding. Or, if you wish, I collect everything. Something like that.
In WoW I started off with pets, continued with clothes and somewhere along the line I found I had also collected a small library of ingame books. With that in mind, plus a growing bagspace problem, I decided to create a librarian. Meet Lillith Pimbury - librarian at day, rogue at night. She is my Indiana Jones, my Clark Kent...

Why is the rogue a perfect librarian? And why do we stick to our preconceptions of class and professions?
I will admit that even for me a priest or a class of the higher social order and 'scholarly' attunement sounds more suited for the profession of librarian. However, I find that a rogue is perfect for stalking the library corridors and sneaking up on unsuspecting souls looking for a book. *grins* Try it, you might just like it.

Secondly, the pickpocketing skill is needed to attain some of the books you definitely should be adding to your collection as a librarian. To me, Lillith is a tribute to all those rogues who commited theft on a regular basis in order to keep my book supplies up.

Now what do you need to be a librarian?

There are a few books you can actually lend out (trade).
Most famous are the romance novels - A Steamy Romance Novel, Forbidden Love and Northern Exposure - of which my personal favourite is the second one published. Though I have not gotten my hands on this one yet, there is a fourth edition out there: Blue Moon.
There is also a cookbook and a self help book for the dead (Beetlejuice refrence?).

For those interested in warfare, more precicely tactics on defeating the opposing faction on battle grounds, there are the good old Peeling the Onion and The Frostwolf Artichoke. Yes, yes, even I know the tactics may be outdated, but who cares? Oh, and don't buy these on the AH as you can get them for no cost at their vendors. I made that mistake once and never again.

Don't foget notes and letters!
After hours and hours spent hunting messages in bottles scattered across Stranglethorn Vale, I have also
collected the torn, ripped and crumpled letters written by the captive tauren Princess Poobah.

For those interested, the only attainable photograph that I have come across is Faded Photograph. Of course there is the Autographed Picture of Foror and Tigule but...yes, the mystery remains unsolved as you cannot see the image. I am sure they did this so I could not track them down and ask for chocolate ice cream. Sneaky.

Your death knights have most likely managed to gather a small collection on their missions against the Scarlet Crusade: Turning the Other Cheek, News From the North, Priestly Preening: Be Like Your Betters. The last one is quite a good read.

Certificate of Thievery made me giggle and think of Terry Pratchett's wonderful Ankh-Morpork Guild of Thieves, Cutpurses and Allied Trades, where every thief had to carry his membership card on him when out "working". I have a feeling someone working for Blizz is a fan. *smiles*

Soulbound tomes.

In addition to all this, those of the Alliance can get their hands on the Story of Morgan Ladimore and Legends of the Gurubashi. However, these books are soulbound. Such a shame.. But you could arrange some reading aloud sessions ;)
There are other soulbound books ingame, like for instance Diary of Weavil and Bloodstained Journal. If you are annoyed about not being able to trade these books, keep reading for an interesting solution:

Gryphonheart Items Addon.

As usual, when I get an idea in my head I go all out on it, so I actually mailed poetry and short stories to my librarian in order to pick up a copy of them as parchments. This way of creating your own ingame literature is doable, but not very practical. It takes a lot of bagspace as you cannot glue them together into a book, you cannot name your pieces of paper which makes it hard to keep your bags tidy and one single bit of paper does not give much writing space.
Some time ago, I came across an addon that does exactly what I have been attempting to do. The name of this awesome little addon is Gryphonheart Items. It creates an extra bag that you can fill with books and items you create yourself, which you can also share with other players who have the addon. Love it!
This will also solve your soulbound tomes problem. Here is my copy of Alicia's poem. Yes, you can decorate the papers with images and choose the background. ;)


As for a librarian outfit, I am really not sure what to tell you. As miss Lillith is merely a level seven rogue, her clothing options are limited at the moment.
There are some ingame exampless. Kirin Tor librarians wear the purple Kirin Tor uniform or the Dalaran Wizard's Robe. Official librarians of Stormwind can be seen in the all white Aurora Robes but there are exceptions as pant outfits range from the finely dressed Milton Sheaf to the plainly dressed private librarian Gilroy and Ironforge librarian Mae Paledust. If you want to look really fancy, you can dress like the Scryer librarians and loremasters by wearing an Imbued Netherweave Robe. If you are Aldor, consider the Anchorite's Robes.

What Lillith often wears though are the Draenic Silk Robes, Knitted Belt, brown boots and gloves. She also carries a
Sharpened Letter Opener and will at some point also have a Venomous Tome in her hand. Inside her bags is a well protected Rogue's Diary and an Elegant Writing Tool.

I have already covered an option for a librarian outfit in my post on theLovely Dress. But to refresh your memory, here is an image of Hanuma in a Lovely Black Dress, Tuxedo Pants and Shirt, Cincture of Polarity and Duskwoven Bracers. She is also wearing a Noble's Monocle and carrying the Tome of the Lost.

The benefit of having a rogue librarian in stead of a priest or mage is that you can go from really fancy robes to cool casual wear. In her spare time Lillith slips into a Stylish Black Shirt, a pair of Tuxedo Pants and her trusted Thug Boots. The belt is the Outfitter Belt while the gloves are the Knitted Gloves.

At night time though, when noone is watching she goes back to her Thug set - the undead and orc rogue set - and stalks the rooftops of Stormwind or even Dalaran. What she does there is unknown. Perhaps she gathers intelligence for Miss Hanuma, or simply juicy material for her very own fifth edition of the romance novel...


  1. Nice roast! ;)

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  2. This a great post! I love how thorough you are =)

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  4. >:D Can I ask how you were able to obtain the Orc/Undead Rogue a Human? >.<