Monday, May 3, 2010

All The Little Things: Tabards

First, I am sorry for not writing anything in a long time. These past months have been hard as I lost someone close to me to cancer and I have really had no wish to publish anything. Guild work has kept me occupied as well..and my PC gave out two days ago. And now my blog is mad at me and I have to do everything in html.

I have however been working on the druid sets post, but am still waiting on a few
items I need to farm before I put that one out there.
In the mean time, I think I'll publish what I have half ready. First post that is shamefully overdue: Tabards, tabards, tabards....

Guild Tabards

Often, I see roleplayers wearing their faction tabards with their rp and combat gear. Some to show their affiliation to a certain faction or group, others to display some of their greatest achievements.
And I really like this. But...what about our guild tabards?

If you are like me, then you have had that moment where you put on your guild
tabard and shudder because it clashes so hard with your armor that you simply cannot stand it. And then when you are trying to shove the poor thing back into your bags and end up deleting it because there is no point as you will never wear it, you have that moment of guilt for not wearing your guild colors with pride. *sighs*

I have been thinking about this a lot.

Those of us who have rp outfits for non-combat wear could seriously consider creating our outfits
around our tabards, in stead of ignoring them and then getting annoyed when they do not fit.
Sure, there is always the option of creating that tabard that is so basic, black and golden, and will fit all but it often ends up being dull and unimaginative! Why not take matters into our own hands?
All it really takes is a bit of good will on our part as proud guildmembers and the result is noticeable. Better guild moral
e as well as interesting rp possibillities and good guild pr.

Here is my tabard obsession.

My old server's HFC tabard and Djul working with it.
The outfit consists of Green Iron Leggings, Ikeyen's Boots, Handguards of Precision, Bog Spaulders, Feathered Waistband and Conjurer's Vest.
This was my first tabard set, and I liked it so much that I still have it, even though the tabard is no more.

When I moved to Darkmoon Faire, I went through a few tabards before settling down with a purple one. Yes, it is because purple is a mage color and the flame is because I am a fire mage. Here is my new banker guild tabard and my lovely ladies Djul, Andro and Elzi.

Androdamea's outfit is perfect for any banker really. Matching up your guild tabard with a Lovely Dress can be an easy way to start as it comes in four colors. Add a suitable shirt and belt to your robe and you're good to go. Andro is wearing a Lovely Purple Dress with a Formal White Shirt, Inscribed Leather Belt and Stratholme Lily.

The higher the level of your character, the more choice you have of course. For Elzi I chose a little more revealing outfit. She is actually not wearing
much at all - no shirt. *blush*
The 'pants' are Revenant Leggings. Symbolic Greaves are the boots and the belt is The Plaguebringer's Girdle.

And then there is Djul in her Egg-Warming robe. The lovely purple/pink boots are the Headhunter's Slippers and staff is the Crystalfire Staff. This is more my style really.

I know the possibilities are endless when it comes to tabards and outfits you can create for them, and that I cannot even cover a small part of this. But those of you with blue tabards...well, you're in luck! Keep reading.

For my main guild, The Arcane Academy, I've put some work into both the school tabard and outfits that work with it. In fact we are currently making school uniforms for each student rank, and they will all be built around the tabard itself.

Being a mage guild we chose to go with water as the main motif. Here are some of the many outfits Hanuma and her guld members wear with their tabards.

The most basic outfits are easily craftable or found on your AH really. Keli is wearing the Journeyman's Robe with Knitted belt and gloves. The staff is the Apprentice's Staff from the blood elf mage starter outfit or you can buy it from Silvermoon Harry. :)

If you cannot find this robe on the auction house, check out the craftable Simple Kilt along with some shirts. I'd recommend the White Swashbuckler's Shirt, Formal White Shirt or for a clean blue outfit Blue Linen Shirt. Another nice robe for female characters is the Simple Dress.

And if you prefer pants over robes and kilts, try pairing up Azure Silk Pants with a Stylish Blue Shirt. Thanks a bunch to Harm for this cool outfit.

Another perfect set for our tabard turned out to be the Midrealm Hat set that I created for an earlier post. Just add a Glacial Robe and Talonite's Belt to your Midrealm Hat. Ben, thank you so much for posing again!

Hanuma has plenty of blue sets in her bags and has proudly carried the academy crest through both battles and towns. As co-guild leader she has taken the tabard business seriously and created several outfits for it.

o the left Hanu's wearing a simple combination of the Layered Frost Robes and Cincture of Polarity. Can you believe it, me going for Wrath items!
In the image to the right Hanu is wearing the Kalu'ak Pigment-Stained Robes with Miasma Mantle, Gloves of Dark Gestures and of course my fevorite belt again. Oooh and add the Cloak of Frozen Spirits - looks great with dark blue outfits!

However, Hanu's most worn set is this lovely combination of the Sorcerer Robe and White Swashbuckler's Shirt. The belt is the Mindfire Waistband from The Blood Furnace.
For the robe, keep checking your AH. It is a robe that is overlooked by many and shouldn't cost you
more than a couple gold coins.

For proud draenei, I would recommend the Robe of the Dragon Slayer. The belt is the golden version of the Mindfire Waistband and is called Bridenbrad's Sash.
Since this is quite a romantic outfit, Hanuma is wearing a Forever-Lovely Rose in her hair. :)

If you are looking for suits, there are so many to choose from. You can go for the tuxedo or the Haliscan sets, the dinner suits or even the Festive Pant Suits. You should be able to find something to match your tabard as there are quite a few colors to choose from. I went for the Festive Blue Pant Suit. The blade is Seethe and the offhand is the Chalice of Benedictus. Love that offhand. Oh and the gloves are the Netherwind Gloves.

And last two little bits of Academy tabard gear are created with two of my favorite robes: Robes of the Exalted and Mooncloth Robe. These also come in purple and golden colors, if you are looking for the same model to match up with your tabard.
The shirt is again the White Swashbuckler's Shirt and the belts are the same as above: Bridenbrad's Sash (golden) and Mindfire Waistband (silver).

Glinting Azuresong Mageblade and Chalice of Benedictus are the weapon and offhand.

There's that! Hopefully this will provide some inspiration.
So, my advice is: Make your guild tabard work and REPRESENT!


If you are still not convinced about the guild tabards, I went to an old friend of mine - a total hoarder of gear, shirts, achievements and of course tabards - and made him show me parts of his collection. You will see more of him in the upcoming druid post as well. Please welcome Sumec bear. ;)

The most familiar rare tabard you can get your hands on with a tiny bit of effort is the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade. Who would want to be in the Scarlet Cusade? Well, it certainly does open the door for some interesting rp even though I am too much of a do-gooder to try it. And for the interesting rp opportunities, this tabard has earned a spot here.

Easiest tabards to get your hands on are of course the reputation tabards. Two I would wholeheartedly recommend to all who are into tabards that suit their faction, are the Honor Hold/Thrallmar tabards. The Honor Hold Tabard would suit an alternative Stormwind outfit very well.
Also, don't forget the Icecrown tournament grounds where you can get your city tabards!

All druids and those in love with the Cenarion Circle and Expedition should give this tabard serious consideration. I am in love with this tabard because it is one of the prettiest in the game. All you need to get your hands on your very own Cenarion Expedition Tabard is some easy reputation farming in Outland.

Speaking of classes... Mages automatically start out as friendly with the Kirin Tor - even at level one. This means that mages can get their hands on the Tabard of the Kirin Tor at any level and without any farming. *hopes some of her guild mates are reading*

But some of the most amazing tabards out there must be the PVP tabards. I had no idea about this before I saw them and I have to admit, it almost made me want to pvp just so I could get my hands on some of them. Almost... (Appologies to the readers of the Horde, but I have only had a look at the Alliance tabards.)
Here Sumec bear is wearing the Competitor's Tabard and yupp he has his little Spirit of Competition pet out. Neither of these are avaliable any more. Just wanted him to show off a bit. :) And now, my favorite pvp tabards:

Left: The Arathor Battle Tabard! To get it, you need to do the Arathi Basin battleground and you need to be exalted with the League of Arathor to get the quest which gives you the tabard. But isn't it a beauty? *hugs pretty tab*
Right: Tabard of Conquest. It's so yummy! I really envy all those who have this one, but hey, they earned it - Master of Isle of Conquest.

If you still want more shiny pvp tabards, try these two. The Stormpike and Silverwing battle tabards are easier to get as you can purchase them from vendors for honor points. Or...well, seems easier to me. Is it? (Yupp, I never ever pvp. Ever.)
Oh! Horde players, please check out the Frostwolf Battle Tabard. It's amazing!

Small comfort for those who are into the 'friendlier' aspect of this game and not in the mood to simply farm can always go for the Loremaster's Colors or the Tabard of the Explorer. Unfortunately neither look very rp friendly in my oppinion. I even deleted my explorer tabard because it was a waste of my bagspace. Yeah Blizz - make it more shiny next time! Especially for achievements such as these.. *mutters*

Or you can try the Illidari Tabards. They come in green and purple - you can change your mind as often as you want too. Above, Sumec is wearing the Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari. ;)

One last tip for those who want something oh so pretty and have reputations enough to go tabard shopping, try collecting 25 tabards to get your own Tabard of the Achiever.

That's it for this time. Huge thanks to Sumec, Lypip and Harm for posing for me and a big hug to Ben for giving me the inspiration to keep doing this.
Again, sorry for disappearing. Wish I was a more dependable blogger, but alas I am mage at heart...

What do you wear?


  1. Great post Hanu and detailed as usual. Looking forward to the druid post!

    Sorry for your loss. But I know you will get back on your feet.


  2. Great post - glad to see you back!

  3. You know my views on tabs so im a bit biased ;P

    But balanced out with an awesome shot of me! So yeah! all good there!

    Love reading your work, so keeping you going through with it and keeping you writing is well worth my time! :)

    Looking forward to the next post!

    p.s Moar Brinark.

    p.s.s Moar shirt on elzi aswell, this is a family blog!

  4. On the Illidari Tabard, if you take off Auto-Loot before opening the chest and see what tabard is currently inside. You can actually go the tabard vendors and say you lost yours and get the other one from her. So when you open the offering, you will have both colors of the tabard. Just some food for thought.