Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dalaran Wizard

So, you got yourself a Dalaran Wizard's Robe? Think you are a mage? A Dalaran mage? ;)

Since I got my Sorcerer's Regalia, I've been wondering if I should go out and find a cloak, gloves and wizard's hat to match the outfit of Archmage Vargoth.
And I
probably will, as soon as Blizzard gives me 30-slot bags and a wardrobe closet. QQ Anyways, look forward to that. Archmage Hanuma... Sounds good...or...

In the mean time, I decided to make my own Dalaran Wiz set. One where I actually use the Dalaran Wizard's Robe and some of the items that already take up my bagspace. It's not the most innovative in the world, but I simply love it:

From the Arcanist Regalia I have used the gloves, belt, shoulders and helm. The rest of the outfit consists of:
Dalaran Wizard's Robe
Regal Cloak

Staff of Dominance *grins*
By the way, you can click on the images for a better view. ;)

Other easier to get Dalaran
items are of course the Dalaran Stave and Violet Hat. Simple, lower level staves I recommend are the Diamond-tipped Cane and Magician Staff.

I have a feel
ing I am alone on this one, but the belt that drops from Dalaran Spellscribe - Jewel -encrusted Sash - is a great Kirin Tor related item. The buckle resembles the Kirin Tor eye. In my opinion it would make a perfect detail for a lower level character outfit as it is a level 16 item. If you don't feel like scouting the auction house or farming this belt yourself there is a level 24 equivalent called Dreamer's Belt avaliable for purchase.
Another alternative of the same model is the Wizard's Belt. Perfect name for a Dalaran set, don't you think? However, though it is purple in color and matches the robe perfectly I'm not too fond of the green gem in the buckle. But hey, you might like it so check it out.

A little heads up: though it is not stated on wowhead, there is a vendor in Stormwind that sells the Wizard's Belt in addition to the Dreamer's Belt (don't know about horde vendors yet). I picked one up there a few days ago. Avaliability is of course limited so good luck! ;)

Looking for the perfect pet with your new outfit? really can't go wrong with the Kirin Tor Familiar. It may not be the easiest of pets to get, as you will need to complete the Higher Learning achievement, but at least then you can feel like a true Kirin Tor scholar. :)

Now, before I press publish, a friend and I have been trying to recreate the clothes of the many mages across Dalaran City. Though the robe, cloak, pointy hat and tabard are easy to recognise and find, we are having trouble with the shoulders and belts. If you know which shoulders these are and where to get them, please let me know.

No Dalaran Spellscribe or mage was harmed to create these rp sets. Oh, who am I kidding...

What do you wear?

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