Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dalaran Wizard Update

Hi! This is an update for those interested in creating Dalaran and Kirin Tor related outfits.

I promised you I would find a way for you to match the outfits of mages stationed around the city of Dalaran. I think I have now come pretty close.
(Click on the images to make them bigger.)

Here is your Dalaran wizard outfit:

The helm that the lovely lady wizard above is wearing, I have not been
successful in finding, so the hat and turban will have to do. For the hat you have three options. It is easiest to purchase the Violet Hat at Threads of Fate in Dalaran. In addition, it will save you some bagspace as it is not soulbound and you can have your lower level characters wear it. However at a price of 40 gold, it may not be your cheapest choice. If you check your auction house now and then, you may run across the following two items at reasonable prices: Darkmist Wizard Hat and Regal Wizard Hat. Hanuma is wearing the Regal hat.
The turban you need, should you decide to go for that, is the Purple Turban and probably the most expensive item of this outfit. It is sold for just under 100 gold. A cheaper alternative is the Mystical Headwrap. The auction house is your best friend. *winks*

Lesser Wizard's Robe is the robe you want. It is the same one the mages wear. Another correct match are the Mystical Gloves.
Add a Tabard of the Kirin Tor and a Regal Cloak to your outfit and you are almost there. The belt has been giving me trouble so I have taken some freedom in picking a very pretty one out for you: Magister's Belt. I know that the correct model is the same as Voidweave Cilice and Angelista's Grasp, but I have not yet found a purple version of it. Help is appreciated.

Right before I left for Japan I came across the shoulders that are the same as those the Elf wizard is wearing. The shoulders I am talking about are the Elder Wizard's Mantle. Your best bet to get these is Ragnaros from Molten Core, with a drop rate of 12%.
Yesterday though, I picked these up from Nefarian, so check the drop table. PS: Don't bother looking for Lord Kazzak as he a while back was moved to Outland and no longer drops the shoulders.
There is an alternative pair that can be looted from rares across level 30 or so areas in Azeroth; Elder's Mantle. But be warned, the rares are not always easy to find and the drop rate is very low. Both items are BoE, so keep an eye out for these on the auction house. I just saw two Elder's Mantles on auction on TVC.

Still, getting the abovementioned shoulders might take some time. For now, I have easier to get shoulders for you: Mystical Mantle. Same looking shoulders are Bonecaster's Spaulders and the Destroyer's Mantle. The latter are a quest reward from Natural Remedies in Hellfire Peninsula and probably your safest bet, but they are also the shoulders that require the highest level to be worn.

All wizards in Dalaran wear shirts under their robes. The perfect shirt would be a purple or black version of the Green Holiday Shirt, but that is not to be. I have gone for Squire's Shirt, which is a part of the Draenei paladin starter outfit.
If you wish to complete your outfit, there are some little things you can add. These are: Pendant of the Violet Eye, Ward of the Violet Citadel and perhaps a Kirin Tor ring from Harold Winston. If you are a mage then consider learning these spells: Dalaran Intellect, Dalaran Brilliance and Polymorph: Black Cat. Tomes to teach you these can be purchased from Endora Moorehead.

Well, that's it. Wear this and you will be able to fool a few people asking for directions in Dalaran. Quite amusing actually.
Hanuma says: "Can I help you find something, Sir?" *giggles*

Alternative Kirin Tor outfits:

To once and for all finish my obsession with the Kirin Tor, I give you my last free style takes on Dalaran mage outfits. Did you really expect me to stop here? After all...I am a mage myself. *grins*

On cold days I prefer to exchange my Lesser Wizard's Robe for the Warm Winter Robe. Since this robe is not avaliable to players of the Horde, here is your easiest alternative: White Linen Robe. Also check out the Snowy Robe and try pairing it up with Rich Purple Silk Shirt or something white. The shoulders I have used for this and all of the following outfits are the Mystical Mantle. Also try the Wizard's Belt.

The Rich Purple Silk Shirt has the same looks as the upper part of the Lesser Wizard's Robe. This gives you the opportunity to mix and match to create some interesting and unique wizard outfits. I have two alternatives for you. Once again, the lovely dresses came in handy. I have used the Lovely Purple Dress and the Lovely Black Dress.

Also, you can wear the shirt with a pair of
purple pants. I have used the Dreadmist Leggings, but you can also try the Kirin Tor Master's Trousers for a more authentic feel.

Lastly, if you are a mage with a love for flare, try wearing your wizard outfit with Festive Purple Dress or Festive Pink Dress.

That's it for today. Enjoy your outfits! :)

What do you wear?


  1. The shoulderpieces the elf female wear are not those shown but a slight recolour of the level 60 Alliance Mage PvP shoulders. Can't find the perfect match though.

  2. Yes, you are right, it's shoulders. :)
    Grand Marshal's Silk Amice. They are purple, but a much softer and lighter purple and without the golden shine...
    I saw those, but have not been able to find a perfect match either... *keeps looking*

  3. What outfit pieces would you suggest to match up to a full set of Conquerer's Kirin Tor gear?

  4. Putting your question on a post it! I'll answer it as soon as I am back. Think I still have that chest in my bank somewhere, though I have had to get rid of the rest... :S
    But, I'll def look into it! :)

  5. I know this is an oldish post but I know what belt matches the dalarn wizards! Its called Akama's sash, you get it from the old black temple attunement quest!

  6. Any idea about their boots? I haven't been able to find anything quite like them.

  7. Ok here it goes:

    im a lvl 85 mage and i like the Darkmist wizard hat and the soulcloth vest.. i wanna look sexy anny surgestions
    plz i need to seduce a mage worgan :p

    Love Zoë