Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All The Little Things: Trinkets, Part Two

Hi and welcome to the second post on trinkets!

Last night I stopped at Barov Peasant Caller, and that is where I
will pick up today. Just like the peasant caller, there are other companion trinkets out there that will summon an ally or three to help you out:

As a mage, the Tiny Voodo Mask is a trinket I would really like to get my hands on. It drops from Hex Lord Malacrass in Zul'Aman with a decent enough drop rate. Why is it so much fun? Pay attention..
Now, what I am about to suggest can also be done by other classes, but it works best for mages because we already have some extra companions - our mirror images. Try this out: Drink some pygmy oil until you turn into a little voodoo gnome, pop your mirror images in addition to using this trinket and you will instantly have an army of seven or eight (depending on your glyphs) masked voodoo gnomes. Shiny!

Another sweet companion trinket is the Defender of the Timbermaw. If you have a Timbermaw exalted status and then most likely also the Diplomat title this would be the trinket for you. Also, the Defender of the Timbermaw is without a doubt a good addition for furbolg fans, especially those in posession of Dartol's Rod of Transformation.

Speaking of factions... Depending on your reputation status with the Netherwing, you can attain trinkets that will summon a Netherwing drake to assist you - for instance Commander's Badge. If you are a proud owner of a Netherwing drake, this might be the item for you. Let me add that this little fella is just as useful for pet collectors such as myself. ;)

So, should pets be your thing, you should check out the whelpling trinkets engineers can craft: Mechanical Dragonling and Mithril Mechanical Dragonling. It is so great that they are BoE! My all time favourite pets have b
een the whelplings of which I have all four of course. In my opinion, their mechanical counterparts are just as awesome.
Jewelcrafters are also blessed as they can craft bop trinkets that will spawn different critters when you use them. My favourite is the Golden Hare. It makes you run faster but the fun part is that it also spawns a bunny to run with you.

Now for the most popular companion trinket: To me it is a homage to hentai, to my friend and many out there it is the most fun trinket ever. You know of what I speak. *grins* Yes… it’s the Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun. The item drops from C'thun in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. And apparently there is now also a level 80 eqivalent – the Vanquished Clutches of Yogg Saron - Ulduar of course. Go for the one you prefer, or go for both and enjoy! hehe

The downside to some of the abovementioned trinkets is that the cooldown may be long compared to the short time you get to spend with your companions. The Barov Peasant Caller, for instance, has a very short duration indeed - less than ten seconds.

Before I wrap up I want to give some space to the Argent Dawn trinkets. For Argent Dawn fans the following three trinkets are very likely a must. Firstly, there is the Argent War Horn that will summon a knight to the rescue. In the beginning the summoned knight was a human paladin for us of the Aliance. However this has been changed and now both Aliance and Horde players get the same form, which is a Blood Elf paladin - gender is random. I still love this trinket very much. What I am not so fond of is that I cannot use it with Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire. Oh well..

Apparently the weapon the summoned Argent knight carries is the Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood (from Nefarian, Blackwing Lair). Looks pretty good. I believe it is possible to collect armor to match your knight. If you in addition are a Blood Elf and a paladin, now that I would love to see. So there's a challenge for you. I will look more into it as well. ;)

The other two trinkets are the Argent Dawn Banner and Argent Tome. When used, the first trinket will spawn an Argent Dawn banner with a paladin like consecration mark on the ground, while the second will spawn a large book floating in air (though it looks impressive it is the shortest lasting one of the three).
Now for the disappointing bit...you cannot buy these any more. They were a part of the Scourge Invasion event before the WOTLK expansion and could be purchased for necrotic runes. So, sorry folks!

You can, however, still wear the Argent Dawn Commission trinket. *soothe* It is easy enough to get, but if you want something more fancy there are: Rune of the Dawn and Seal of the Dawn. I however still prefer the Argent Dawn Commission..

Well, that would be it for today! *phew* In the next and last post, I will show you a few pretty nice transformation trinkets as well as a some rare trinkets you can use for fun while in combat. Untill then...

What do you wear?

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