Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving servers - tips and farewells.

Hi! Moving servers can be very stressful, especially when you have a ton of luggage and a desire to take everything you own with you. *laughs*
For a person like myself with countless alts working full time to collect, trade and wear an insane ammount of clothes, weapons and materials (in addition to a three tab packed guild bank) moving has seemed an impossible task.
After months of thinking and weeks of preparation I arrived at my new home.

So what can I share about all this?
*casts Arcane Intellect and digs into her faulty mage memory*

Server choice and name change:
Everyone will tell you to pick and check the servers first. Well...they are almost right.
If your character's name is important, your first step, however, is to check the avaliability of your name on the servers of your interest. I for instance was not willing to change Hanuma's name, not even for the best realm.
My suggestion would be to simply pick a general direction - normal/rp/rppvp/pvp - and check your name avaliability.

If the realm is more important to you, skip step one and read up on what you have to choose from.
Visit the forums and make an alt. I made four...
Cover some ground, talk to people and listen (monitor the channels, preferably at different times of the day) to get a feel of a server's rythm. This is really important because who says what and how in the different channels will tell you a lot about the composition of the server itself. But don't be impossible to please. The /Trade will most likely be a bit of a mess during rush hour even on the best of realms.

Find people to roleplay with, ask about what the raiding is like, what classes are desireable, what guilds are good and so on. What you ask depends on what is important to you.

Another point to consider is the server population. What is the Alliance-Horde ratio? How large or small is the population? What age groups are best represented?
Do not be afraid to ask questions, just remember not to smother people with them.

Going off on your own can be costly. So, do you know what the economies on your candidate realms are like?
Honestly, any move consideration should start at the auction house. Go through prices of items you buy and sell. See what items are valued on your new server and compare. Know what you are going to, as you will not be able to return.

When it comes to materials you already have on you, you should consider where it is most profitable for you to sell them. Some things might give you a good price on your current server, while others might be worth bringing along. Converting your materials or items into gold for the move and buying them cheaply on the other side can save you a lot of bagspace and even make you some shinies. But remember that you can only tranfer 20 ooo gold per character!

'Slight' bagspace issue?
*puppy eyes*
If you have a huge ammount of soulbound items, you should check out the price and rarity of these. Believe me, it's time well spent.
If you are carrying something that can easily be crafted by any lower level profession, bought or farmed, you are wasting bagspace. However, throwing out items such as Yellow Brewfest Stein will mean you losing these items forever, while others like Old Crafty might simply be very hard to come by again. Think about what you need for your character, what you cannot do without and get rid of the rest.
Remember that moving is also about a fresh start. When it came to my wardrobe I didn't quite think like that, but I see now that getting rid of some items has given me the space to try new things and combine my old things better.

Still, invest in bags. Regret is one of the worst feelings and I would rather put in some gold in more bagspace than regret leaving something behind. 20 slot bags are reasonably priced these days, and if you like me have been blessed with some amazing friends those bags might even be free. Thank you, Graven.

Speaking of...
Give away things you feel someone will appreciate. Not everything is about the gold or collecting. Make someone happy. :)

Questions you should ask yourself:
Does the new realm meet needs that are not covered on your current one? What exactly are you looking for and can you find it there?
Do you know someone there? Though the world on your new server may look like the old one, chances are it is not, and that brings me to the next point.

New friends:
If you are moving by yourself it is easy to feel isolated, even in crowded Dalaran. Someone to show you around is always nice so socialise! And cynical as it may be, hold on to those tanks and healers you meet. Same goes for people you enjoy roleplaying with. I for instance had not expexted PvE to be such a challenge at my new home, but was lucky to keep those good players around me and am now happy to be in a guild that appreciates this part of the game the same way I do.

In the end, I don't miss my things at all compared to the wonderful people I have left behind. Pixels are nothing without the people, so consider your choices for leaving. And if you still want to move, take some time to remember what you've experienced so far and think about what you want to do differently this time around.

Good luck and safe journey!

Although I will be visiting you all often, I want to take this opportunity to thank my TVC friends.

Special goodbye hugs go out to the old King's Light crew. Thank you for taking me in and sharing some great laughs and raid time with me. HARR!

Zeph, I am so glad we ran into eachother in Ramparts and wish you all the best on your old and new servers.

Dear Sondré and Syn, I regret never being a part of your amazing Crescent Moon. Syn thank you for all the laughs and talks. Sondré, thank you for enduring my endless display of alts and outfits the first day we met and for still wanting to talk to me after!

G. and Inca: I wish you both the best and hope we can keep in touch.
Some old friends that are around no more: Pt, Night and Theo... You are missed.
Some new friends that will be left behind: Kim, Lnt, Gandor, Zopy, Shud and more. It has been a pleasure.

To the CBT Co.: I will never forget the exploring adventures across Azeroth and Outland and my first proper attempt at RP. Thanks for the patience, understanding
and friendship. Wish you nothing but the best. Perhaps our paths cross again.

Sumec, keep doing your thing bear! I will miss you loads and congrats on passing the 9k achievement point mark! Keep that cave in Feralas clean and a fire lit so I can find my way. Also, watch out for that robe for me, will you? You know which one I mean..

My longest ingame friends, Gruffk and Ranathash; thanks for saving me in Stranglethorn Vale that day! I am glad we met and looking forward to seeing more of you irl. Rem, sorry we won't be doing heroics any more, come visit soon!

To my "current" guild, Dagor Dagorath:
you continue to enjoy your game and prosper. Seen as some of you are my neighbors here in the real world, I feel kind of silly saying goodbye, but I have to.
Thank you for having me. Being a part of your guild has been an honor.
I will miss the easy access to enchanters, tailors, leatherworkers, alchemists, engineers.. *laughs* Who will DE my stuff now, Graven? And open my lockboxes, Elira? Just kidding. ;)
Thank you Dagor!

M. and Z. CONGRATULATIONS! *cheers*

Edit: This was written some time back and never published. But I feel it should be out there none the less...


  1. I can only say: heartwarming, even for an old dwarf like me.

    - love, Gruffk -

  2. Indeed, its wonderful to know you now, and i hope ive made DMF easier to move into.

  3. comment got lost...

    Gruff! <3 my favorite dwarf with the killer eyes! I miss you! Nice screenie I found of you, no? ;) From Sumec's birthday party.

    And, Ben... I consider DMF very much my home now. And you have been an important part of making it so, that's for sure. Thank you. :)