Friday, November 20, 2009

The Hunt for Shiny Helms

So the road my huntress Djul is on, the road to higher levels and shiny gear has brought her to a quest from Blizzard RP outfit hell. It is day five or more now and I have yet to decide which reward to claim as my own. The quest I am speaking of? Teron Gorefiend, I am...

This Shadowmoon Valley quest chain starts with A Ghost in the Machine for those of the Alliance and A Haunted History for those of the Horde. The end quest rewards some gorgeus helms worthy of any outfit collector's bagspace. Here are your rewards:

As usual I will give you the information on exact matches and similar items. Perhaps it will help you choose. Has not helped me though. *sighs* (As usual you can click on the images for a better view)

The name of this blue leather helm is Druidic Helmet of Second Sight. It will give your eyes a yellowish glow and need I mention the lovely antlers? Nope, I need not.
See, thing is, there is no other helm exactly like this one out there. The Onyxia Stormrage drops are yellow, and the only other blue helm, Moon-Crown Antlers from Old Hillsbrad, has golden antlers in stead of the dark ones. So, the Druidic Helmet is a one of a kind, as far as I can tell.

The Evoker's Helmet of Second Sight is another lovely addition for clothies. The model is the same as the Headdress of Alacrity and the good old Netherwind Crown - now
also revamped as level 80 Onyxia drops. But the coloring of this particular helm is lovely, and I for one will be grabbing it for my mage as soon as I have the bagspace.

Plate wearers have their own mean looking helm to go for and its name is Overlord's Helmet of Second Sight. I would like to see this on a sexy orc soon...looks great. Did I mention mean? *grins*
You can get this helm in two colors: golden and the grey you see here. They drop in Molten Core, Karazhan and Ramparts.

Shamanistic Helmet of Second Sight is another one of those spaced out looking helms.
It is perfect for people with a taste for the metallic, harsher look.
An exact match to this one drops in the Underbog and is called Headdress of the Tides. Other models have different colorings of the gem and drop from Onyxia or Doomwalker in Shadowmoon Valley. You can also buy one for Badges of Justice in Shattrath or if you are lucky you can pick up the BoE rare item that is the Lightning Crown.
I rather like this one, it's simple yet imposing. But alas, not the thing for my huntress. Which brings me to the last two helms.

Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight! *sighs*
So much to say about this mail crafted beauty. First of all it's awesome. Secondly it is shaped like a drake head, which again makes it awesome.
Thirdly it shares the looks and colorings with Maulgar's Warhelm from Gruul's Lair. It also shares the model with the slightly purple colored Dragonstalker's Helmet from Onyxia and the green Dream-Wing Helm from Shadow Labyrinth. Go farm!

And it is the helm of choice for my hunter, so why am I having so much trouble? Let me show you the last helm before I start my rant.

It's mean, it's evil, it's Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight.
And it is also leather and will give you those oh-so-evil looking red eyes.
Exact matches out there are Cowl of Defiance from Karazhan, and Cowl of Nature's Breath and Malefic Mask of the Shadows from Gruul's Lair.
From Onyxia again you can get the red version of this and there is also a blue one out there called Cowl of the Guiltless which can be found in the Black Morass. All are nice really.

Now do you see my dilemma? As a mail wearer I am pretty much able to pick and choose any helm on the list. And as I am not overly attatched to the rule of wearing class items only and I don't really care much about the usefulness of the items, I am having a terrible time deciding.

The obvious choice is the Stalker's Helm. It's great, it looks great and will match Djul's red set well. However, my huntress also has an extensive collection of black outfits for which the Stealther's Helmet would be a great addition. Then there is the Druidic Helmet and my obsession for exclusive items...

As I am not planning on leveling another class that will give me this choice ever again, it is important for me to pick the right helm now. *feels the pressure* So what do I choose? I have returned to Zorus the Judicator a million times. I am looking at him now even. I have asked friends for advice, I have slept on it. And yet...every time I am about to pick one, I cannot! *shakes her head*

What do you wear?


  1. I currently have two helms, one is
    Makes me look evviiilllll

    and for healing.
    It just makes me look really really ridiculous.

    Im not so much into the RP gear, I usually just sit back in my DPS'ing gear cos it all looks pretty kick ass :P

  2. The Earthshatter Faceguard is sexy... *winks*

  3. Hi, here is the guy in black from DMF. Can't find you e-mailadress so here are some links to screenshots and my armorydetails:

    Feel free to use.

  4. A thought, the dragonhelm-theme can always be picked up at onyxia as you say. Why not then choose one of the others and have onyxia's nice hunterhelm as a dream for a while?

    Your friend, recent Dragonstalker's Helmet-winner, Gruffk

  5. Oh! Congrats Gruff! My fav hunter deserves the best.

    Well, the only reason I am so unsure is because, as you know, I was not planning on leveling Djul past 70 and I was too late for the old Ony raid. Then again, with you changing servers to DMF, I suppose I can guilt you into taking a few trips to Gruul's Lair with me for Maulgar's Warhelm in stead. *grins*
    That means that Djul will be picking up the Druidic Helmet as soon as the server is up and running again! *laughs*

    Kamp! Thanks for the comment, and I will be adding you for the upcoming post. I'm still slacking big time on my B&W post as my memory card stopped working and I lost half my files...