Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Awfully Overdue Post & Explanation

This morning, while doing the dishes I started watching the movie Julie & Julia. Turns out it's among other things about a woman that starts blogging and by the time the movie was over my bad conscience had crept up on me. I have neglected this.
The long list of already started but never finished posts stared at me accusingly as I logged in here, telling me I abondoned it.

My reasons? Excuses...?

In the real world, my cat died. I am not writing this to make you feel bad for me. I'm ok. It was his time. But I miss him. He was so smart and such a good listener...he demanded hours of cuddles, scratching and love. And if you did not feed him he would bite your toes till you did. *smiles* A good cat, he was...

Then I lost the will and focus. About a month ago, I changed servers, which left my extensive collection of rp clothes and my army of lovely clad ladies somewhat reduced. I no longer had the support system of tailors and people willing to follow me into the depths of Azeroth for that one little item that would make that specific outfit perfect. And being the insane perfectionist that I am, I put it off. All or nothing, right?

Building a base at my newfound home has taken a bit, but it's stabilizing now. Between joining a guild to start doing what I've missed (PvE), managing my bank guild and in addition being the co-creator of a third guild, there was no time.

And then there were the holidays, Hallow's End being my favourite, I did nothing but play and trick or treat on every single character I have. Sadly no horse for me this year either.

But this movie jolted me back to finally log into this blog and decide that it might just be time again.

So, though I will be busy today, I give you my word that more will be coming very soon. Especially since I picked up the Elegant Robes on the AH a few weeks ago at bargain price and finally beat Ras Frostwhisper in Sholomance enough times for him to surrender Alanna's Embrace to my care. Also especially since I am starting to replace all of my 20 slot bags with 22 slots to make room for more awesome.
(I am currently forced to carry all of my 44 non-set robes in my bags as my bank is filled up with other rp items *sighs*)

*begs forgiveness for her abandonment*

PS! Watch Julie & Julia. It's a nice movie.

Your absent minded mage...



  1. I can relate. It is hard to devote the time to make awesome posts/articles bc of real life issues. Sometimes, even when I have the time, the amount of work to be done on a seemingly "easy" task as in taking pics of outfits and writing about them is overwhelming, and I don't finish. I'm looking forward to your next post, though ^_^ Good luck to you on your new server.

    P.S. Julie and Julia is a great movie ^_^

  2. Thank you Kirina! It means a lot to get some support as I've been feeling really bad for slacking. :)