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The Darkness and The Light... Part Two

Hey! Two days ago, Oslo was finally greeted by snow. *smiles* Perfect for this post on white outfits.

Finding purely white items in this game is a bit of a challenge but I have tried to hunt down some for you.

Also, for most of the loveliest white robes you really should turn to your tailors. They can craft a variety of robes for all levels.

Pretty much pure white:

White Woolen Dress

This pretty dress can be crafted by any tailor with a skill slightly above 100. It is inexpensive to craft and is not a soulbound item. To me it is one of the sweetest lower level robes you can get your hands on, and I love the inscription: "Like driven snow, but much warmer". Again, I would recommend keeping it simple: Knitted Sandals and a pet is really all you need.

White Wedding Dress

This is another one of those dresses that really don't need much additional gear to truly shine. Your friendly tailor can craft this and the pattern can be bought in Thunder Bluff and Stormwind.
Since the introduction of florists, there is a variety of bouquets to choose from.
I suggest you drop by Dalaran and pick the one your character likes best. Hanuma prefers the Spring Flowers bouquet from the Noblegarden festival.
Another accessory that I am really fond of is the Lamp of Peaceful Radiance. This offhand drops in heroic Arcatraz from Harbinger Skyriss. There is also a lovely 'scepter' that drops from Delilah in the same instance, so check that out.

Aurora Robe
This is the white equivalent of the Black Velvet Robes and most likely the prettiest white robe in the game, in my opinion at least. My love for it has resulted in this set that my death knight Vila will never get out of. Yes...a death knight in white. This is what you need to create Vila's set:
Aurora Robe and Cloak. Check your auction house for these as the drop rate for farming is not the best.
Ornate Girdle is the thin golden belt.
An off-hand I feel is very suitable for this set is the Beacon of Hope.
Though the Shimmering Boots are not completely white, they are probably the whitest boots that work with a robe as the green patterns on them cannot be seen. These are the boots for your white robes.

Another lady that wears this robe with grace is miss Ryedoni, who has simply
matched her robe up with Frostscythe of Lord Ahune and Crown of the Fire Festival. With her lovely complexion and white's as if this robe was made for her. The snow flakes on the picture are included with the weapon, but you're on your own for the bubbles.

One more true vanilla gem...
Mooncloth Robe

This white dress with blue gems is a must. I suggest that any tailor who takes pride in his or her profession takes a little trip to Dire Maul to pick up the pattern for this dress. You can match the Mooncloth Robe with a white shirt if you want, but's perfect the way it is. The only suggestions I can give are to look out for some bracers and to add this off-hand: Strength of Will.

Pants, sets and other items...
There are certain sets out there that are worth mentioning if you are looking for white items. Mix and match from these sets and you can create any outfit that suits you.

From the Aurora set you can get your hands on white shoulders, pants, chest and cowl. Djul is here posing in most of the Aurora items. The shoulders are very likely the whitest shoulders you can get your hands on. This set is also quite easy to find on the auction house. The belt is Heavy Miner's Belt and the staff is Diamond-tipped Cane. The Miner's belt is a quest reward item from Hellfire Peninsula, and works well with a variety of white items.
The cane is of course an obvious choice for anything white...

The Astralaan set will offer you fairly white gloves, belt and pants. This set is a mixture of black and white and I would recommend it to anyone interested in that. However, for this post I have only used the items that are predominantly white. On the screenshot below Djul is wearing the Astralaan pants, belt and gloves with Pilgrim's Boots, Aurora Mantle and White Tuxedo Shirt. The lovely spotted cat by her side is a Ghost Saber - just throwing it out case some hunters want to go all out on their outfits. *giggles*

For something quite rare take a look at the Gossamer set from which the shoulders, cloak and helm are just amazing. The robe, though half grey, is one rare gem worthy of any collection. Also, the cloak is most likely the lovliest white cloak you can find.
I have not been able to get my hands on this set yet, so I cheated a little on the screenshots.

I would wholeheartedly
recommend the Boneshredder set to any lucky soul that can wear leather. It no longer surprises me that this Burning Crusade set is most likely your best bet if you are looking for something with fur for cold Northrend regions. (Yes, I am poking the Wrath design team for their incompetence.)
Also, check out the Boneshredder Claws and Mace...
Boneshredder gloves and belt are missing on this picture, but believe me when I say that they are as lovely as what you can see. (So is my Kirara *pats tiger kitty*)

Hanuma's 'fishing outfit'
A simple set I made for her some time back. The pants are Blessed Trousers of Undead Cleansing, but you can also try some other white pants as these are no longer avaliable. The belt is the Resilient Cord and the chest is a combination of the White Linen Shirt and Buccaneer's Vest. From the Buccaneer set, you should also check out the bracers.

Buccaneer's Bracers are the whitest bracers out there and they look exactly like Buccaneer's Vest from the elbows down. Grab these if you can.

(Yupp, I am in SSC and Dire Maul on these screenshots - don't ask...)

For those who don't know, the lovely fishing pole on the shots is the Jeweled Fishing Pole.
And, if you want to add something else to this outfit, here are my favorites:

The Fiendish Machete from Dire Maul is the perfect weapon, while a lamp such as the Explorer's League Lodestar is the perfect off-hand. The cloak is Cloak of Everliving and if you are looking for a helm, I would recommend the White Bandit Mask.

If you are a draenei female, these white boots are your best choice: Moccasins of the White Hare. These boots will look somewhat grey on pretty much any other race and gender, but on draenei girls, they look white. *winks*

Stray items that are lovely white and that you should know about are the White Wolf Gloves, Crusader's Pauldrons, Pilgrim's Boots and Laminated Scale Boots. Here are some examples for you:
The image on the left here is a combination of Crusader's Pauldrons, White Linen Shirt, Buccaneer's Bracers, Aurora Armor and Pants, Sun Cured Belt and Laminated Scale Boots.

On the image to the right, Djul is wearing Aurora top, pants and shoulders with Boneshredder Boots, Sundered Gauntlets, Heavy Miner's Belt and the Diamond-tipped Cane. Love those warm boots!
Aaaand, there is a tiny white bear in the background!


Your choices are so many that I will simply list them and let you find what suits you best. Just remember that some of these shirts are rare or require reputation farming. In my outfits I have used the most basic of white shirts..

The simplest shirts out there are: Common White Shirt and White Linen Shirt.

For sleeveless white shirts: Sleeveless T-Shirt, Deckhand's Shirt and Captain Sander's Shirt.

A simple white shirt with flared sleeves is the Formal White Shirt. This one looks like the top part of the Aurora Robe.

You can also choose between the White Tuxedo Shirt and Tuxedo Shirt. One is from the Noblegarden event and the other a craftable item. Again, poke your tailors!

The White Swashbuckler's Shirt has the same look as Buccaneer's Vest, only with lovelier sleeves, while the Bloodsail Shirt is also a match with even more flared sleeves.
There you go!


Add some color to your white outfits?

There are two pairs of white pants that will easily allow you to add some color to your white sets. These are Sage's Pants, which have a blue stipe on the sides, and Shimmering Trousers, with a green stipe. To give you a few examples, I have put together some simple sets with items that were cluttering Djul's bags. Hope you like them.

The green set consists of:
Shimmering Trousers and Boots
Feathered Headdress
Feathered Waistband
Wild Shoulderpads
Breastplate of Rapid Striking - Yes, this is the same model as the black and red Ironhide Breastplate from the previous post.
The staff is the Magus Long Staff.

Here is what I added to the Sage's Pants:
Talonite's Belt and Boots
Lo'ap's Tunic of Muck Diving - This sexy little top is a quest reward from a Nagrand quest.
Celestial Handwraps - Lovely blue gloves that are usually overlooked and sold for a cheap price on the auction house.
The staff you see here is actually an off-hand and its name is Bonecaster's Star.

The last combination with Sage's Pants that I want to show you is this one:
The top, bracers and gloves all belong to the Shadow Council set. The belt is the Astralaan Belt and the boots are Seer's Boots.
Oh, and before I forget: Shadow Council Cowl is also white. In fact it has the same coloring and look as the Aurora Cowl.

Five robes:

White Linen Robe
Wearable at level five, this robe is most likely the finest white and purple robe for lower level characters. It's also not a bad choice for leveling. *winks*
Djul is wearing this robe with the Diamond-tipped Cane, Aurora Mantle and Shimmering Boots.

Spring Robes
Many have kept their Spring Robes from the Noblegarden world event. The way I have matched up this robe is by adding the Cloak of Everliving, Gossamer Shoulderpads, Resilient Cord and a Bouquet of Orange Marigolds. The marigolds are from the Day of the Dead event. Hope you saved them. *giggles*

Silver Dress Robes
You can purchase these robes in every major city (apart from the Burning Crusade and Wrath cities) for a bit over two gold. This robe is really worth every copper. Just remember that you have to be level 45 to wear this beauty. Try pairing the robe up with Gossamer Shoulderpads or the Aurora Mantle. The belt on one image here is the Glimmering Mail Girdle.

For something more revealing and pink, try
the Astralaan Robe. I don't think this robe suits every race but that's just snobby me again...

Last robe that definitely deserves space is the Runecloth Robe. If you are a priest and a tailor, you can of course go for the more fancy Truefaith Vestments. But, if you are not, the Runecloth Robe will have to do. To me this robe has enough ornaments on its own, so I would not recommend adding too much to it. Should you want to fill out the open parts of this dress, simply put a shirt under it, and if you want to add a helm, then I would suggest the Gossamer Headpiece, Shadow Council Cowl or the Aurora Cowl.

Pets, pets, pets!
(As usual...)

Well, I am so sorry Horde!
The White Kitten is my favourite white pet. If you were playing during WoW's fourth anniversary, you will also have an adorable little bear cub to be your companion. Other completely white pets are the Elwynn Lamb, Snowshoe Rabbit, White Tickbird, White Moth and Westfall Chicken. The chicken is an interesting one... *giggles*
A white pet perfect for this season though and snow in general is of course the Snowman. And do not forget Whiskers the Rat!

Those wearing the Boneshredder set should consider getting the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.
For some alternative and not quite white pets you can check out the Shimmering Wyrmling, Wolpertinger, Spring Rabbit, Miniwing, Cockatiel and the Siamese Cat.

Oh and I just want to remind all elves out there that they have some of the lovliest white mounts. Use them!

That's it folks!

Thanks go out to Taya and Kamp for letting me take pictures and write about their lovely gear. Mer, thank you for helping me with enchants and I really hope we can make a post out of it soon.
And last, but in no way least, a huge thanks to Haro who has been pushing me to get this stuff published. Who knows how long it would have taken otherwise... *hugs*

What do you wear?


  1. Im wearing all dark stuff at the moment hehe, because of some christmas presents i got off someone ^^

    But yeah, not really wearing much light stuff :D
    And thanks for the mention ^^ I love the blog and thats the reason why i try and get you to do it! Such a waste of talent if you stopped :)

  2. *blush*

    Thank you! I'll try to keep'em coming, but you know...less blogging = more gaming *hides*

  3. The Midrealm Hat, Netherstorm quest reward, is mostly white with a bit of blue, and I wore it long into my 70s though better quest rewards beckoned.

  4. Got the Midrealm Hat! It's very nice indeed. Just been slacking with screenshots of it. Thanks loads for the tip!

  5. Just found this while looking for a perfect white robe to go with fantastic RP staff and shoulders from Black Temple. THANKS! Really cool article ^^

  6. don't forget the Icy Cloak; it's one of the loveliest bright white long cloaks in the game.