Saturday, December 19, 2009

World Events and a small Trinkets Update

Hi! Winter Veil is here! Yes, I have noticed actually. That's one of the reasons why it sometimes takes me longer to get things out here. I just have to admit that during world events, I'm usually too busy with the game to work on the blog. But....I really, really, really want to make some updates on former posts and comment on world events. So what has Hanuma been up to during the past holidays?


On my first trip to poke at Coren Direbrew I managed to become the lucky owner of not only a kodo mount, but also a ram, a remote and a pocket watch! What more could a girl ask for? Well, actually a lot. So I got down to business and dilligently worked my way to a new pet, dress and a 'small' collection of hats. To give something back I donated my insults to friends. Yes, I want to keep my good karma. *laughs*

<--- Look, even Dire Maul had Brewfest decorations up! I should drop by there now to see if they have a Winter Veil tree as well. I know it is late to talk about this, but I have to admit that when I made my post on trinkets, I was not counting on new trinkets coming out this year. Noob. Still, I want to use this post as an opportunity to update what I wrote about Brewfest. Some new things have popped up that are noteworthy, while I've sadly seen some old ones disappear. The pipe is no more, however we did get a mithril pocketwatch.

The lovely Brewfest ladies have simply been leveling since we last saw them and can now be summoned with new trinkets: Bitter Balebrew Charm and Bubbling Brightbrew Charm.

The Empty Mug of Direbrew has this year been replaced by a Tankard O' Terror.

And those who like to keep things clean got their chromium coasters, while those who love a brawl were again rewarded with Direbrew's Bloody Shanker and a souvenir!

Well, I've learned my lesson now so... Can't wait to see what Blizzard has in store for us next year. In the mean time, I am waiting for my next brew of the month!

Hallow's End

It seems that not much has changed with this marvelous festival. The Horseman's Reins are still way beyond my reach as I have not seen them drop a single time in my WoW life. Congratulations to those lucky people and their pixels that got one!

The items have simply been revamped and I managed to pick up a Horseman's Baleful Blade for myself this time around.

I noticed, though with some sadness, that Blizzard has decided to implement new 'temporary item' mechanics. The broom, that previously had a 14 days or so use has now been turned into an item only useable for the duration of the Hallow's event. This unfortunately means that fans of the broom (me) cannot farm this item last day of Hallow's in order to get an extra week of broom flying.
I am sad to see the broom nerfed again. This and the instant mount-up days of this perfect mount will be remembered at least by me (and all PVPers, I suppose. Only thing we have in common..).

Pilgrim's Bounty

Just as Brewfest is heaven for those who like to dress up and drink, Pilgrim's Bounty is heaven for those who like to dress up and eat. My robes and bags are bursting at the seams! All of my alts have maxed out their cooking and I am sure that we Chefs are now facing even more competition.

In case you missed it, this world event opened the door for burst leveling in the cooking profession department, allowing everyone to go from a cooking skill of 1 to 300 in a matter of minutes. Well, at least we got new recipes. But I bet that those of us who slaved with cross faction recipes to get the Chef de Cuisine achievement are a bit grumpy about that as well. *laughs*

Still, it was all good fun. A new pet added to the collection. New title for those who had not yet found one to suit them - suppose some holy men out there are happy now. Helped out with some reputation and experience grinding as well! I hope this festival is here to stay, as I enjoyed it very much.

Who knew dwarves could be rogues?! Sneaky little dwarves...
Anyways, thanks for the meals, Blizz!

Winter Veil

I have to admit that I have always been too busy for Winter Veil, and it has never held much interest for me. But this year something quite amazing happened.

I was rushing to the Stormwind bank to deposit some items when a strange death knight, dressed all in red, greeted me with a smile and a warm hello. From a basket, he offered me some eggs and I thought 'How odd. It is too early for Noblegarden'.
Well, after a short chat, I found out that this wonderful person was handing out free eggs to anyone who needed them for their holiday gingerbread cookies. Why, you ask?
Because every Winter Veil some greedy souls decide to make gold by selling eggs at dizzyingly high prices. And this man would have none of it!

Three cheers for Stormwind's own 'Greatfather' Vadimo!

With so many festivals and Winter Veil now, I don't know if I can recover at all. My bags are filling up faster than miss Rouge can craft them. *sighs*

If you are looking for some interesting outfits for any of these holidays, please visit Kirina's site. She has done such an amazing job that there really is no point in me attempting to add something. Well done, Kirina! *hugs*

Yours truly,
Brewmistress, Pilgrim and old time Hallowed Hanuma


  1. *hugs* Thanks for the link and the kind words ^_^ But remember, this is your blog and you can add whatever you'd like too, so, don't limit yourself - people would love to read about your ideas, as well.

    I've been loving your screenshots and the editing you've done with them, in this post, and in your Darkness vs Light one. Nicely done! ^_^

  2. Thanks Kirina! :)
    Maybe some day I will do the events outfits, but I really like yours better. *winks*

    *phew* Good you like the screens! I don't really do too much with them, things look mostly as they do ingame for me. I've been using Picasa so far, but have just downloaded GIMP so we'll see.

    Ben! It's coming! :D *hides*