Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Darkness and The Light... Part One

Hi! Trying to catch up here with all my former posts, but I don't think it will work, so I decided to merge my Hallow's End outfits into a double post on black and white outfits. I guess one of the reasons being that Hallow's is over.. The other reson is this never ending darkness of freezing Norway that has got me in the mood. I long for summer, but alas, now is the season for the contrast of black skies and glittering snow (Though the snow seems determined to make me wait for it).

I am starting with the dark outfits. Something compells me to get them out of the way, as if reality itself will look brighter after.

Surprise, surprise! The sheer ammount of items to choose from is overwhelming, so I picked out from some of what I already had, as well as a couple of outfits outside my own collection.
Once again I did not find much I quite liked from Wrath. One would think, with the onslaught of evil in Northrend, that there would be more black out there, but there is not. So, my love affair with vanilla and BC items continues. *smiles*

And to appease the boys who have been complaining about the girl factor in what I write about, I have chosen a lot of outfits with PANTS this time! And it's not all cloth either! There! Happy now? *laughs* Oh, and some of these pictures might be a bit small, but you can just click on them to enlarge them.

One of the most simple, yet stunningly put together sets, for which I will not take credit is the Silver-thread set: Silver-thread Amice, Armor, Boots, Cuffs, Sash, Gloves, Pants and Rod. The cloak of this set is not very impressive though. I would recomment the Formidable Cape in stead. The Silver-thread set has a level 24 requirement, is cloth and perfect for a rogue. Your best bet to collect this is once again the auction house. Thank you Sondre for mailing me half the set a while back.

Djul here, in full Silver-thread, with a Swashbucklers Eyepatch and Mirah's Song.

Honestly every piece of this set is amazing. Mix and match it as you wish.

This next black outfit was created for Djul right before the expansion, as I was musing over what a death knight could look like. I adore the Ebonhold Gauntlets, as well as the Bloodmail Legguards. But Tuxedo Pants will work just as well. The Demonslayer has been with me for some time now, and is one of my favorite dark swords. The rest of the set consists of: a black shirt, Souting Boots, Renegade Chestguard and Renegade Belt. This is still my favourite black set.

Also, check out the Azure Lightblade. It's perfect for more ornate black sets. I just picked up the Lantresor's Warblade in Nagrand, for a slightly more exotic look. And if you want to add some color to your black outfits, why not go for red?

Add some color to your black set?

The following set is mostly the same as above apart from: Lantresor's Warblade, Silver-thread Sash, Bloodlust Epaulets, Ebon Filigreed Doublet and
Feralfen Beastmaster's Hauberk.

And, if you wish to give your weapons some red glow ask your enchanters to give you one of the following weapon enchants: Beastslayer or Greater Potency.

Another black and red, with a mixture of mail and cloth items: Blacksting Shoulders, Ironhide Breastplate (take a better look at this one as it is amazing), Audi's Embroidered Boots and some amazing weapons...

You can buy the Nexus-Claw and Void-Talon in Stormspire. They are quite pricy but you have to admit that they look awesome.

One last simple look for clothies. I've paired up the Tuxedo Pants with Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Magister's Crown, Crimson Bracers of Gloom and Ruby Drape of the Mysticant. The belt is the Cincture of Polarity, but Angelista's Grasp works just as well.

Robes, robes...

The Silver-thread Robe is of course just as lovely as the pant set, though it is sleeveless. A very common way to match up your Silver-thread Robe is to add the Stylish Black
I have opted for the Black Velvet Robes
as they look the same as the Silver-thread and stylish shirt combination. But the Silver-thread robe will of course give you more freedom to customize.

Another classic way to go black requires only
a short trip to Shadowfang Keep. Yes, I am talking about the Robes of Arugal. Add a Ghostly Mantle to it, and you're pretty much set. *winks*

Now for a somewhat forgotten gem...The Death Speaker Robes!

I love these robes. With such unique coloring these are most likely the best looking ones of all robes of the same model. They are also very easy to grab. *nudges your alts toward the Razorfen Kraul entrance*
Oh and pick up the shoulders and the scepter while you're at it! From my experience, these are the most rarely worn black robes.

My two helm choices for this robe are Don Carlos' Famous Hat and amazingly enough a WOTLK helm: Layered Frost Hood. There are a million versions of this Wrath helm, so check Wowhead. The blade is Horseman's Baleful Blade, cloak is the Warmonger's Cloak and the shoulders are Death Speaker Mantle.
The belt is of course an overlooked little green by the name of Resilient Cord. An auction house gem.

Two well dressed draenei:

Biker chick Tay is here posing in Black Tuxedo Pants and Prospector's Chestpiece. The gloves are Gloves of Dismal Fortune, boots Husk Shard Sabatons and the belt is Links of Righteous Persecution. Oh and the blade of course is the lovely Perditions Blade.

Mighty sexy, if you ask me. Need to take a screenie of her on that bike. I'm
pretty sure she has those mage guards turning their heads every time she drives through Dalaran. *grins*

And then there is this well dressed gentleman I ran into at a mailbox in Stormwind some time ago. If this is not a well assembled black set for male characters, I don't know what is. Watch and learn grasshoppers.

From the Defias Leather set, Kamp here is wearing the armor, boots and gloves. The pants are Chausses of Westfall and the shoulders are Bandit Shoulders. Beneath his armor is a Stylish Black Shirt as well as a Thick Bronze Necklace. The tabard is Tabard of the Void. And the sword is the Executioner's Sword with an Icy Weapon enchant.

The Wicked Witch and Zorro.

Now for my old Hallow's End outfit... It's quite simple really, and has most likely been done by many before me, but here it is:
Skywitch Hat or Wicked Witch's Hat
Netherweave Robe
Handwraps of Flowing Thought (or any other black gloves)
Cloak of Consumption
Supplicant's Rod (Hypergizmatic Energy Booster, or simply Red Sparkler from the summer festival are equal matches)
To make it all more authentic, put on a Wicked Witch's Band and grab your broom.

My witch set is also the foundation for what I call my Zorro outfit! Yes, I have a wow meets mexico outfit... Simply replace your weapon with the Defias Rapier, your witch hat with Don Carlos' Famous Hat and your broom with a black horse.
Also, the Death Speaker Robes look awesome with Don Carlos' Famous Hat and Rapier.

And of course there is the classic Haliscan suit, for those who want to match the hat completely. In that case, don't forget the Don Carlos Tequila!
And this brings me to...

More Lower Level Items and Other Combinations

What are your basic black items?
I would say the Festive Black Pant Suit, Haliscan Set, Tuxedo, Simple Black Dress and of course the Lovely Black Dress are obvious choices. Not only can you give most of them away as presents to your merchants and bankers, but they will never be soulbound and are perfect bagspace savers.

I like to keep the Simple Black Dress simple and usually never match it up with more than the classic
Knitted Sandals and a pet.

And no, I cannot skip the Lovely Black Dress, so here is something I put together for this post only. Djul here has matched up the lovely dress with tuxedo pants and Stylish Black Shirt. The belt, gloves and staff are all from the Silver-thread set.
This is perfect for lower level characters as all items are level 24 and below.

Another nice, though slightly more complicated black set is achieved by adding the folowing items to your black dress: Common Gray Shirt, Nightscape Shoulders, Gauntlets of Deftness, Renegade Belt and Crystalfire Staff.

Or try the Stylish Black Shirt and Shifting Sash of Midnight. This Ramparts belt is one underestimated bit of dark gear. Apparently it is a revamp of a vanilla rogue set.

And here is my last black dress set, one that I made for Hanuma. Wear a Lovely Black Dress over a pair of Tuxedo Pants and a Stylish Black Shirt. Add Handwraps of Flowing Thought, Cincture of Polarity and Duskhallow Mantle.

If you don't want to go for the complicated look, then the Festive Black Pant Suit, Tuxedo and Haliscan set might be for you. Black boots work well with these sets, but do not underestimate the Knitted Sandals and Dress Shoes. *winks*

I would however suggest you try to customize your outfits a little to suit your personality. For instance, an extremely simple modification to the Tuxedo suit, that I like very much is to add some color with a belt like Grasp of The Old God, from AQ.
You've also already seen what can be done with existing items in the black and red combinations.

As far as the Haliscan set is concerned, the only accessories really needed are the Don Carlos' Famous Hat or Haliscan Brimmed Hat, a rapier and some tequila. But if that is too strong for you, simply exchange it for Black roses and a glass of red wine!

And before I forget... The black items from the Pilgrim holiday are also some of the darkest black items you can wear, if you don't mind the white collars on the suit and dress and white socks on the feet.

If you are looking for some alternative helm items, you can go for a black mask or hood. The Pilgrim's Hat is also a good alternative. In my previous post I wrote about Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight. I think this helm is a perfect choice for those evil looking dark sets.

Pets, pets, pets!
Bombay - my long time companion, the first pet I ever got - is your perfect pet for Hallow's End or any other black outfit. Other pets I would recommend are the black tabby and black owl. If you want something more sinister try the ghostly skull and Haunted Memento. Cockroach is also good if you are looking for a creepy crawly look. And the ultimate Hallow's and witch pets are of course the Sinister Squashling and the Enchanted Broom.

Post on white outfits should be up very, very soon!

What do you wear?


  1. Loving this post! really liked all the dark outfits and the picture types the hallows end stuff aswell.

    Have to get me some of those nexuss claws though they are ossum.

    Might start wearing the brimmed hat aswell, it does look amazing :P

  2. Yeah the claws are pretty cool! And the best thing is you can just go buy them, no farming, no AH scanning...but the price.. almost 35g for each one.

    For the hat...Come with me to the CoT and we'll get you one. And you can have a wolf in additon to your wolf form. ;)

  3. I'm not an roleplayer but I LOVE the wicked witch outfit and will definitely have to get it together for Hallow's End this year =) Love the blog!