Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hats, hats, hats...and a helm..

A comment in "The Darkness and the Light...Part Two" post suggested I take a look at the Midrealm Hat, and what a great suggestion it was! This hat is lovely! So, I of course grabbed a very close friend *points to Ben* and made him get the hat. *laughs* No more room in my bags I'm afraid...

Anyways, please welcome Ben and his Midrealm Hat!

Though the helm looks rather blue on these screenshots, it does have a lot of white in it and would go well with any white or white-blue item.
I decided to pair it up with the Glacial Robe and Talonite's Belt. If you are looking for boots for this set then Talonite's Boots are a good choice.

Then after discovering the Midrealm Hat and having picked up Whitemane's Chapeau and the Gossamer hat not too long ago, I decided to poke around a bit and see what other shiny helms like these are out there.
And apparently some of these helms can be found as both lower level items and BC quest rewards. The Midrealm Hat for instance used to have a lower level equivalent by the name of Glacial Headdress (it is not in the game any more though), while the red Ata'mal Crown and green Ghostly Headwrap are Shadowmoon Valley quest rewards and copies of Whitemane's Chapeau and the Mish'undare hat.

I have not yet found any equivalent of the Gossamer Headpiece, but it should not be too hard for you to find it on the auction house and it doesn't really cost too much either if you buy it at the right moment. By the way...I got my Gossamer robes. Yaaay! I'll show you in my next post. *winks*
The dress on this screenshot though is the Runecloth Robe.

Here is Hanuma's Ghostly Headwrap in two versions that I think suit the hat very well. In the first one she is wearing the Arcane Robe, which in my opinion is the nicest version of this model.

The second robe is the Coldtouch Phantom Wraps from Stratholme. There is a green item version of this robe out there, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name. Sorry!
EDIT: Equivalents: Duskwoven Robe is BoE and Dustfall Robes are an alliance quest reward. Thanks Dengan!

And then....
Djul finally picked a helm. For those who have not read, I complained earlier about a quest in Shadowmoon Valley that left me unable to choose a reward because they were all so pretty.

Well...I decided to choose the Druidic Helmet of Second Sight. No matter how much I love the drake helm, I could not ignore that the Druidic Helmet really is a one of a kind item. And I think I made the right choice, because merely moments after I picked it, I had an outfit ready. Hope you like it.

Djul is here wearing the Druidic Helmet of Second Sight with the Abjurer's Robe. The shoulders are Spaulders of the Ring, the belt is the Mighty Girdle and the boots are Talonite's Boots.

This helm is also a perfect addition to the Sorcerer set - a slightly rare drop blue set that is also a one of a kind. Here you can see the Sorcerer Gloves and Robe. The belt is Doc's Belt while the shoulders are the same as above.

Well, that's that. One less quest reward to worry about and hopefully someone finds a helm that suits them! *winks*

What do you wear?


  1. Eeeeeks I want that stag helm :D Not many helms go as well on tauren as that. Currently trying to assemble a druid RP set, but the robes bit is proving challenging!

  2. I hope you have not done the Shadowmoon Valley quest chain that gives you this helm then! If you have, you should take a look at Moon-Crown Antlers - the cloak is the same color but the antlers are golden in stead of blue.

    I just checked my Abjurer's Robe combo in model viewer for you, and it works well with both male and female tauren. But if you feel it is not druidic enough, I will try to keep my eyes open for something more suitable. ;)

  3. Im famous! *blush and hides*

    Really good blog, really like that waving pose and the runecloth robe is yummy.

    I am of course awesome! :D

    Looking forward to the next couple of blogs!

  4. Thanks Miss Hanuma~ :D I'm looking for a more earthy shade of clothes for my druid set, but the Abjurer's Robe definitely fits the occasion for a posh Moonglade gathering! ^^

  5. Ben! That set is soo good on you! I'm really glad you helped me out, wouldn't have been as nice on Hanu, I am sure. Thank you!

    Bear! I'm working on a post like that, and I'll do my best to get it done before I leave on my trip, so you have some ideas. I always do shiny stuff I guess..
    The tribal post I'm woking on is hopefully a little less that. We'll see. ;)