Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fairy Godmother

Hi! I know, I know...I have been slacking again. *sighs*
But I am working on a new post, just that it's another one of those posts that demand time. So I decided to take a little break and give you something to look at in the mean time, and here it is: my fairy godmother outfit.

In WoW, mages would definitely make the best fairy godmothers, no? Oh, we may not be able to turn a pumpkin into a chariot, but some of the world's best magic wielders might just polymorph you a horse. *giggles* Anyways...

The outfit is nothing too fancy really, just something I made when I finally got that pink robe during Noblegarden. I have wanted that robe ever since I saw it on Jessica Chambers in Light's Hope.

What you need to get this look is the Elegant Dress, Devout Gloves and Gossamer Rod.

The best helm for this would be the fire festival crown
, but I did not have it so here are my suggestions: Sorcerer's Crown, Cowl of the Tempest (top screenshot), Scintillating Headdress of Second Sight (second screenshot) and if you want, try a purple turban or wizard hat.

Also there are several wand-like off-hand models to choose from: The Gossamer Rod and Watcher's Star are copper in color, while the Slavehandler Rod and Elementalist Star are purple. The only golden star wand is the Regal Star. Sparklers from the Midsummer festival are also a good option. Good luck scanning the AH! *winks*

Thanks to Eterna for casting Levitate,
Guardian Spirit and a myriad of other spells to make me look awesome. The bubble is my Mana Shield and reminded me of the fairy from the Wizard of Oz. *smiles*

Well, have to run now! Take care!

What do you wear?