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Druid Outfits

Sorry about the delay! Farming gear in Outland has been a challenge... *sighs* Huuuge thanks to Dengan and Galan for their assistance. Without them I would not have wonderful gear to show off. Also thanks to Ben, Daeon, Harm and Magni for helping out. But now, here's your druid outfit inspiration! :)

Night Elf and Tauren cultures are your influences to the druid class - I would say that the Elven culture dominates though. The main distinction between the two is that the Tauren worship the Earthmother, while the Elves worship Elune. As a consequence, the Tauren have very earthy outfits, while the Elves seem to have more complex and darker outfits. Well, that and geography. ;) Still, both styles are very practical and casual - very unlike us mages. Keeping this in mind, I've tried to create outfits that could work for both, but I'm afraid I've been Alliance for far too long to create very good Tauren inspired druid outfits.
But...Ok, let's get started!


I don't usually like to recommend full sets but in this case I have to as there are so many nice ones that you at the very least can use bits and pieces of. Here is my favorite druid, Sumec Bear, in some of his nicest druid gear. *pats bear*

What you can see in the image above and the first image in this post is the T8 Nightsong set. The most unique features are of course the shoulders and helm, but the robe and gloves are wonderful as well. I believe it also comes in two color combinations: the Conqueror's Nightsong you see here and the Valorous Nightsong , which is golden/brown - so check it out if this is the set for you. Dreamy...

Next one on the list is the forever lovely T2 Stormrage Raiment. If I had a druid, she'd probably be wearing this. The mace Sumec is carrying is Jin'do's Hexxer from Zul'Gurub but if you want something easier to get go for the Mallet of Zul'Farrak. The tabard is the Arathor Battle Tabard.

A lot of sets have look alikes that drop from normal and heroic mode instances in Outland, and this one does as well. For information on the Stormrage Lookalike go....here. Looks pretty good really.

For a more earthy feel, I would recomment the Thunderheart Harness. If you are a Tauren druid that really wants to carry on the down to earth feel of Tauren culture, then this is a set for you.
The robe is just gorgeous and well...the entire set has a certain RAWR to it! The staff on the image is the Pillar of Ferocity and you can find it in Hyjal Summit.

And it just occured to me that though pretty much every bit of gear in a druid set is amazing, the shoulders always steal the show. So if you are like me and don't want to walk around in full sets, at least know that you as druids are pretty lucky when it comes to amazing shoulder items that you can match up with any kind of gear.

And then the Cenarion Raiment...need I say more? The T1 Cenarion is probably the most famous druid set out there, and for a reason. The shoulders alone bring you as close to nature as you can get without actually hiding in bushes... I see that as a plus...

The Cenarion Raiment also has a recoloured version in Outland. Here is Djul in her Early Autumn Set. In my mind it is what the Cenarion set would look like if it bloomed through summer and was on its way into fall. The gloves are not a part of the set though. Their name is Imperial Leather Gloves.

One of the easiest sets to farm is the Wildheart Dungeon Set 1. It is also one of the loveliest and most popular druid sets out there. For an entire set you will need to farm Scholomance, Stratholme and Blackrock Spire. It is a fairly easy farm from what I have experienced. I have however chosen not to get this one for you so here are some cheat screens. ;)

If you like the looks of it but want to make it a little more special, try upgrading it to the blue Dungeon Set 2 - Feralheart Raiment. This upgrade is druid only and be warned, it is both time and gold consuming to do this. I remember I found upgrading my mage set annoying at times. So no easy fix, this one.

Your second alternative is the recolored version of DS2 that can be farmed from Outland instances on normal mode. This set will also most likely be your easiest level 70 farm as you can reset and reenter the dungeons as often as needed til you have your items. Also hardly any reputation will be necessary for this farm. Here is Djul in her recolored version alongside some Northrend druids at Star's Rest.

The male druid is wearing another recolored version of the DS1. It is not mentioned on WoWWiki and I have not checked every bit of gear that he has on him, but I know for sure that you can get that kilt. The name you are looking for is: Forestwalker Kilt.
The female is wearing parts of the DS1 and DS3 Moonglade Raiment - only in the case of the DS3, in colors that are not avaliable to us players (that I know of). Sorry folks!
Djul is also wearing a Cerulean Filigreed Doublet under her chest armor.

Now to get back to what I was saying about general druid gear. All these sets are amazing, but looking at NPCs across Azeroth and Outland, most of them are very casual in the way they dress. I decided to do the same with my outfits as well (or as casual as I can go...).

Starter Outfits and More...

I'll start with the well known Night Elf druid robe - Novice's Robe. It looks awesome on male and female characters as well as on both Night Elves and Tauren.
For bracers and belt that match perfectly, use the Mistyreed items. The Mistyreed set is simply a pant set version of the Novice's Robe. Djul is wearing her robe with Misryreed bracers and belt. The helm is the Crown of the Forest Lord.

If you don't want to mess about with cross faction transfers, you can go for recolored models of this robe: Solstice and Consortium Robe. I really like the Night Elf feel of this model - the dusky colors and all.
For the sleeved look, and a little less cleavage hehe, I added the Black Swashbuckler's Shirt. The belt is the Feathered Sash and the cane is actually the Silver-thread Rod off-hand.

Another gem of this model and my personal favourite is the Willow Robe.
I would recommend this one to all Tauren druids as a tribute to the gorgeous scenery of Mulgore and Thunder Bluff. It's too light and cheerful for the Night Elves anyways.

As suggested, using set shoulders is a very easy way to pimp up a custom outfit. I went for the Mantle of Autumn here. The belt is Feathered Waistband, gloves are Atal'ai Gloves and this amazing staff is the Vengeance Staff.

And if you prefer the Tauren druid starter robe, then there are a few alternatives to choose from. You can get the Pilgrim's Robe from the Pilgrim's Bounty event, which will also suit all levels.

But my fav version is Greenweave Robe. Shoulders I like with this robe are the Bog Spaulders. Any earthy or green belt or bracers will work with it as well and for the feral/earthy feel, try a wolf helm such as Embrace of the Lycan.

Some other starter sets that you can use are the Night Elf priest set and the Troll shaman set.
The Primitive Kilt and Mantle are amazing bits of gear for an earthy set. You can create more combinations since it's a kilt plus chest armor set and that is quite rare for low level items. Oh and they also work very well with Darkwater Bracers.
The Night Elf robe and staff are both good items for druids if you like color.

More Earthy Combinations and Brown Outfits

I've tried to create some simple combinations of brown items for you. This is really not my thing, but I hope that you find some inspiration still. For starters, I experimented a bit more with the Earthborn Kilt since the outfits in the Tribal post were not leather only. So here are three different and very simple sets with this kilt.

The first set consists of Feathered Headdress, Huntsman's Shoulders, Drakewing Bands, Mistyreed Belt and Tracker's Boots. The chest is a simple grey item called Crochet Vest. I like the rugged look of this set, so check it out if you like the chest.

For a more put together look, try one of the following twooutfits. The first set is very clean cut and simple. The chest is Warden's Wraps and the belt and bracers are from the Swashbuckler's set. The torch is the off-hand from the Mistyreed set.
If this kilt is not complicated enough for you, check your auction house for the Warchief Kilt.

The second outfit is a bit more imposing. The shoulders are of course the Ravenwing Pauldrons and Archer's Jerkin is the name of the awesome chestpiece. The entire Archer's set is amazing really, and definitely worth checking out.

Drakewing Bands are the bracers and they are a level 20 item. Quite pretty for that level really. Tracker's boots and belt are the two last items you need to complete this set. I went for the very simple branch staff here - you can get it from Tauren druid starter outfits.

On the lookout for a brown robe? Here is my favorite: Opulent Robes.
For this post, I've tried to add some green to it byt using Tracker's boots and belt as well as Drakewing Bands and Mithril Bark Cloak. This robe has no sleeves so Djul is wearing a Rustic Workman's Shirt under her robe. The shoulders are Ironfeather Shoulders and the helm is the Dragonhawk Hat - from what I can see, this is the only version in leather out there. Parts of the Thunderheart set might work well with both this robe and the sets above - especially the shoulders.

Pants, Pants, Pants...

Although druids mostly wear kilts and robes, there are some very nice brown and green pants out there. For a brown look, try finding Archer's Trousers on the AH (left image). Here you can also see the Ironfeather Armor - breastplate and shoulders. Under the breastplate, Djul is wearing Scout's Shirt. Again, the boots are Tracker's Boots and the bracers are Drakewing Bands.

You can also try these brown pants: Umbrafen Britches (right image). Embroidered Boots are the brown boots and the helm is the Dragonhawk Hat. Otherwise the items are as above.

For green pants, your first and most obvious choice would be the Mistyreed Pants (left). They are perfect for druids and go with a lot of items. I also like the Willow Pants (right) and Scout's Pants (below).

Scout's Pants are Draenei shaman and hunter starter pants and are really worth it if you want easy to get green pants.

And last but not least: Ranger Leggings. I stumbled across these while I was testing out the fifteen pairs of brown and green pants I had bought. Though not particularly shiny or super cool, they turned out to be the same pants the Night Elf mount vendor wears. So I had to add them to the list.

If you want to dress like this NPC, here is what I've found fits: Tracker's Tunic, Belt and Boots, and Ranger Leggings. I've added Shout's Shirt and Elunarian Cuffs.

I am also a firm believer in color and have put together some 'alternative' outfits for those who don't mind standing out in a crowd.

First of these outfits is this Star's Rest/Northrend inspired blue outfit that I think would work well for a druid with a taste for the cool. Wear Azure Silk Pants with Talonite's Boots, Lo'Ap's Tunic, Mistscape Cloak and Spaulders of the Ring. The belt is Patched Leather Belt and the gloves are Thick Leather Gloves.

You can also try the Thick Leather Tunic, in stead of Lo'Ap's Tunic. By the way, this tunic as well as the gloves are worn by the Tauren in Northrend. The Thick Leather set is also a grey equivalent of the green Trickster set, which I find can at times be very pricy on the AH. So why not go for a non-soulbound set that is cheaper?
A mace that matches these sets perfectly, if you want one, is Arechron's Gift.

Purple is not a mage only color, so I made a simple pant set for you, inspired by the Wildheart Bracers. The pants are the Darkweave Breeches and the top is the Darkmoon Vest. Add High Councillor's Boots to your feet and a Feathered Sash to your waist and you're good to go. If you have more Wildheart items, try adding them. I think they would go well with this set. Especially the helm.

If you prefer a darker blue get the Leggings of the Sly/Moonchild Leggings and wear them with Glyphed Breastplate and Boots. The gloves are Raven's Claws and they are only level seventeen - which is pretty awesome. The belt is the Mighty Girdle. Also, try wearing this with a blue mask. Djul is wearing Abjurer's Hood.
But...I'm afraid I have to disappoint you on the shoulders. They are mail and I have not been able to find a blue leather equivalent of this model. Sorry!

Also, to make matters worse, here is the closest I have gotten to the flightmaster outfit. Feathered Breastplate is the chest, Raven's Claws are the gloves, the pants are the Warpscale Leggings and the boots are Arcane Boots. And of course I forgot to put on my belt, so I'll just mention the name for you: Mighty Girdle. If you are a tribal leatherworker, you can make Wildfeather Leggings but they are grey so they still won't match. Though most of this gear is leather there are two very odd bits that are mail and even plate.

Plate!? Yupp. This helm, that is clearly a part of the set is for some reason plate. So here's an outfit for all you ex-druid death knights out there...or something... o.O
(Oh, and ignore that Elzi is a draenei...)

Ok! Back to wearable druid stuffs!

Tops and Kilts

For more simple kilt options, I based my three versions on the three chest items from the Glyphed, Swashbuckler's and Tracker's sets. This is because all three are often seen on Night Elf and druid NPCs - like for instance this Winterspring druid, who is wearing her Glyphed Breastplate over a robe.
Djul is wearing her Glyphed Breastplate over a Stylish Blue Shirt. The kilt is a quest reward from Mana-Tombs and is called Haramad's Leg Wraps. The belt is the Mighty Girdle. By the way, Scouting Boots look like the boots the elf is wearing.

Short reminder of the outfit I made with Abjurer's Robe and Druidic Helmet of Second Sight: Check out the last outfit in a previous post of mine! :)

Now back to kits and tops. As mentioned, the Glyphed model also comes in green and red. A simple red combination is to match the Swashbuckler's top, bracers and boots with a Colorful Kilt. For a long sleeve effect, try wearing a Scarlet Filigreed Doublet or Red Swashbuckler's Shirt. If you want gloves, try the red ones from the same set. You can also wear this top with the Mystic Sarong or the Bloodtinged Kilt. The latter one is a red version of the blue kilt above.

For the green option, the set you are looking for is the Tracker set. This is the Darnassus mount vendor top from above. I find that this top works very well with the Zul'Farrak kilt, Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt. Horde characters can also go for the Mistspray Kilt with the blue top.

There are far too many kilts in the game for me to mention them all. Perhaps in a different post I will.
Still there is one that deserves a spot and its name is the Simple Kilt. Like the three tops you have just seen, this kilt is also worn by NPCs. Darnassian bankers, for instance, wear the Glyphed Breastplate with a version of the Simple Kilt.

I've chosen to try a more feathery approach with mine.
Djul is wearing Feathered Breastplate, Raven's Claws, Mighty Girdle and Blue Linen Shirt with her Simple Kilt. The shoulders are again Grunt's Pauldrons and they are still mail. *hides*

Another familiar kilt that is fairly easy to get is the Mystic Sarong. The fact that it is a level 24 item makes it to me one of the more versatile kilts out there. And it looks fabulous too.
Djul is wearing Bloodfire Talons and Wolf Rider's Padded Armor with her kilt.

However, a most interesting match to this kilt turned out to be the Dreamweave Vest.
It's a very colorful combination that I guess not everyone will like, but this is one of my fav outfits. Under her Dreamweave Vest, Djul is wearing a Green Holiday Shirt. The gloves are Dreamweave Gloves, the belt is again Mighty Girdle and the shoulders are Ironfeather Shoulders.
The helm is the green Feathered Headdress.

The Dreamweave Vest also works well with the Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt. All the items are as above.

But now... If you are of a higher level and can do a bit of Outland farming, I would suggest you get your hands on this kilt: Forestwalker Kilt.

It is a grey-green recolour version of the Wildheart kilt and a pretty nice match for your Dreamweave Vest and Gloves.
Djul is wearing her Dreamweave Vest and Gloves with the kilt, Mighty Girdle and Cerulean Filigreed Doublet. The antlers are Crown of the Forest Lord and the armored hood is the Moonglade Cowl.

Still haven't found something you like? Try one of the following tops. From the left you have the Gypsy Tunic, Hunting Tunic and Hawkeye's Tunic. If you want more examples of how to match these up with pants or kilts, take a look at my post on Tribal wear.

Another three green tops that I like a lot are these: Green Woolen Vest, Willow Vest and Greenweave Vest.

I have already mentioned some shirts that work well with druid outfits. For example, the Rustic Workman's Shirt is amazing under most brown and black outfits. For green shirts - and you might really need one if you're wearing the Green Woolen Vest - I'd recomend the following:
Stylish Green Shirt (if you are looking for the robe of this model and colour, it's Beastwalker Robe), Green Holiday Shirt and Scout's Shirt.

I have mentioned quite a lot of sets you can use for your outfits, but I have just a few more. The set you are looking at to the right here is the Elunarian set. Just like Glyphed, Tracker's, Archer's set and so on, pretty much all items are useable. And what's even better about this set is... It comes in four more color combinations. Some items vary from set to set, so check them out before Ah shopping: Celestial, Resplendent, Eternal and Bonecaster's.

If you are looking for more interesting kilts, here is a list of some noteworthy ones.

In Sunken Temple you can pick up a Troll inspired kilt in dark brown and turquoise. Its name is Windscale Sarong.
Luminary Kilt and T'chali's Kilt are kilt versions of the Highborne Robe. The latter one is Horde only.

From Outland you should take a look at these: Nature-Stitched Kilt from Hellfire Penninsula is Pretty (capital letter pretty). Kilt of Immortal Nature is just as pretty but you will have to take a trip to the Black Temple to get it and the drop rate is so and so.
Alliance druids can get their hands on the brown Kurenai Kilt. It is a dark brown version of Draenic Silk Robes, just remember that you need to be revered to wear this.

Lastly, two Northrend kilts for you. From the Sons of Hodir quartermaster you can buy a Giant-Friend Kilt and in Old Kingdom you can get your hands on Kilt of the Forgotten One. It's a brown version of the robe you can see just below. ;)

Northrend Gems

There are two bits of gear from Northrend that deserve a spot here and these are the Ymirjar Physician's Robe and the chest version of that robe - Greenhealer's Garb. You can find these two on the AH as they are pretty frequent drops. So if you have the level requirements and want to wear something pretty that not too many people wear, these are the items for you. I really don't know why these two armors are ignored, they are honestly the nicest models the Northrend design team has come up with and can match any set in intricacy and beauty.
To the left, Djul is wearing Greenhealer's Garb with Scout's pants and shirt, Misyreed boots and belt, Ironfeather shoulders and Drakewing bracers.

Yummy Robes

In the tribal post, I mentioned that there are two robe versions of the Dreamweave Breastplate. One of them is fairly easy to get and is called Arcanoweave Robe. It can be crafted by tailors and the pattern drops in Mechanar. You can also check out Arcanoweave Bracers while you're at it. They are very pretty.

Embrace of the Wind Serpent is green and golden and an extremely rare drop from the Sunken Temple. I have not been able to get my hands on this robe, but it's definitely worth the farm.
Djul is wearing her Arcanoweave Robe with Swashbuckler's Bracers, Mighty Girdle and Clefthoof Cover.

But if you would rather wear a feathery helm in stead of the mask, then you have three options:
Feathered Headdress (green), Murkblood Cover (brown/orange) and Tribal Worg Helm (red).

Robe number two is the sexy Venomshroud Silk Robe.
Djul is wearing her robe with Mistyreed shoulders, gloves and bracers. The belt is the Feathered Waistband and the helm is Feathered Headdress. I know druids cannot use bows, but that is what Djul is carrying in this picture, Honorable Longbow. I know, however, that you can get a staff that looks similar to this so keep reading.

There are two other versions of this robe out there. The first one is a green item, dropping from level 50 rares. Its darker green in color and its name is Arachnidian Robes.
The second one is a gorgeuos yellow/orange version and drops only from a rare spawn in the Hinterlands. The name of the robe is Chan's Imperial Robes and the rare that drops it is Mith'renthis the Enchanter. Good luck with the farming!

And then the last two groups of robes... These robes range from the very simple to get to a robe that truly is one of the rarest robes ingame. I will just link to most of them, so you can check them out on your own. Only the prettiest ones are given room here.

First, there are the Lunar Festival outfits. For five Coins of Ancestry you can purchase a green, purple or pink Festive Dress. Tailors can also get a pattern to create a fourth robe, which is red. The Lunar Festival is very much a druid event and I think if anyone has dibs on the robes it must be the druids. There are of course also pant suits as well for those who prefer that.

Then there are the Hanboks and Dangui robes and they are all perfect for druids.

You can buy White Traditional Hanbok, Dark Green Wedding Hanbok and Royal Dangui from vendors in Undercity, Stormwind and Moonglade.

The real gems, however, can only be found in Moonglade. Geenia Sunshadow sells only one of each of the following three robes: The Red Traditional Hanbok is simple and classic, the Green Wedding Hanbok is youthful and cute. Both of these can be found fairly easily if you camp this vendor often. The last one though took me well over a year to get. Its name is Formal Dangui and is yummy! Here is what it looks like. :) Don't forget the Knitted Sandals!


To me, the ultimate druid weapon is the staff and it doesn't really have to be flashy. I'd say the best druid staves are simple and the material should be wood. Already mentioned staves are the starter staves from both Horde and Alliance. But if you want something more fancy, yet elegant and with very simple design then I wholeheartedly recommend the Gnarled Ash Staff and Explorer's Walking Stick.

Paw- staves, as I call them, are also good druid staves. There's something both adorable and feral about them. If you still haven't figured out what I'm talking about then look at the pictures. ;) Djul's staff is the Braxxis' Staff of Slumber.

If you like staves with feathers, then try the green Resurgence Rod. There are many variations of this model so you should be able to find one to fit any color scheme. Staff of Rampant Growth might also be something to look into if you like this type of weapon.

But if you really want something imposing and shiny, then Northrend is your friend. Even though I am not too fond of Wrath gear, there are a lot of pretty decent weapons for level eighties. I'm a huge fan of the Twisted Visage and Intensity staves as well as all the different models of the Lifebinder staff. And there is sooo much more out there!

For level seventies my favourites are the Wildfury Greatstaff, Pillar of Ferocity and the BoJ Staff of the Forest Lord. But there are easier to get staves, like for example Terokk's Shadowstaff and Draenic Wildstaff. The latter is a must see! It looks like an overgrown Night Elf starter staff but the animation added to makes it THE most perfect staff for druids. Flowers and tiny mushrooms spring up among the leaves. Definitely worth a farm.

Pets, Pets, Pets...

It shouldn't be hard for a druid to find a pet that suits him or her. There is a pet for each major druid form. Yes, Alliance druids have it easy here, as you will see from my main choices of pets.

If you are a kitty and want a suitable companion, then go for the kittens sold by Donni Anthania in Elwynn Forest. They come in all imaginable colours! And don't forget therarer White Kitten and Black Tabby. Black Tabby is the only cat that is directly avaliable to Horde only, and even then, this kitty needs to be farmed.
If you want a less conventional kitty pet choice, you could always get Whiskers the Rat or a Giant Sewer Rat.

Bears can choose between the black Dun Morogh Cub and the white Baby Blizzard Bear. The white one is of course only avaliable to players that were there for WoW's fourth aniversary.

Night Elf druids can easily get their hands on Teldrassil Sproutling, which is a mini tree pet and matches the druid tree form perfectly - it even does the dance. :) But don't worry Tauren druids. I am sure you have already seen these pets for sale on your auction houses or at least on the goblin cross-faction auction houses. The prices are not as bad as they used to be either, so you should be able to get your hands on a pet or two without going broke. *pats*

And don't forget the race specific pets! Night Elves have owls and Tauren have the adorable prairie dog and Mulgore Hatchling.

Well, that's it! I'm getting rusty, this post wore me out! Hope you got something out of it and I'm glad to be back. :)

Sumec Bear! Thank you for posing! And Elira, thanks for being my Breanni! *hugs*

What do you wear?


  1. This is my favourite post to date! (I'm not biased! >.>)

    I'm proud to say I've got most of the robes mentioned in there one time or another. :D Farming the Burning Crusade raid sets however... is a pain all on its own now that no one does them anymore! The Thunderheart set is definitely my ultimate druid set. I don't expect to see the Pillar of Ferocity drop ever, so the Origin of Nightmares (http://www.wowhead.com/item=40280) will have to do.

    Do you happen to doll your characters up for festive events? I did so for the Midsummer one and it was a blast! In fact now I've got 2 sets for her just for this event; a fiery set and one that compliments the Frostscythe I recently got.

  2. Agree with above, fave post, and I pretty much cant get past level 10 on a druid before finding the colour of my desk more interesting!

    Allot of time and effort in this blog and it really shows :)

    Brilliant blog, really is! Love all the robes and the screenshots are some of the best!

    Good work, keep it up!

  3. Awesome article, Hanuma! You beat me to the Druid outfits ^_^ , but I will definitely link to this when I go back working on the different class outfits for Kirina's Closet

  4. Thanks all! :))

    Bear: Don't give up on the Pillar of Ferocity. It's not an impossible drop rate. :)
    But the staff you have is absolutely amazing so perhaps not even!

    I do sometimes dress up for festivals, mostly for Hallow's and Valentine's. I have been working on an update to the fire mage gear, which actually includes the red set you have on your blog. It's really nice! :)

  5. Amazingly detailed post, like always... great job.

  6. Hi Hun,
    nice one, I love the wildheartset and your feathery "flightmaster" set.
    I can see why you have been busy with this, lot of work :P

    love Galán

  7. thank you!!!!

    been looking for this all day

  8. brilliant! it's gonna help me A LOT to pick some craftable and wearable clothes for carnival *ggg* t7 set is my favourite - but how are you suppose to actually sew it?! oO so thanx so much for this, its awesome!!!!

    greetz from Cologne

  9. Great post. I personally like the tameless breechers http://www.wowhead.com/item=34910/tameless-breeches

    can you help me find a top to it?

  10. You are forgetting the obvious one that my druid is never without:

    Knightbane Carapace + Malfurion's Leggings of Conquest + Bracers of Swift Death ( + battered jungle hat but thats just me :)

    The carapace + leggings are clearly a set, made for druids, and one of the most detailed/sexy tops in the game.

  11. Great guide! Though, I think you forgot the coolest druid staves of all:


    They look like the druid starter staff (3 short lengths tied together), but are covered in leaves, and have an animation that causes flowers to sprout, or leaves to sort of "pop" off of it periodically. Very cool.

    A version is easily available as a lvl20 druid quest in moonglade. But if you did that already, a similar model drops off of the Avatar of the Martyred in Auchenai Crypts.

  12. I know it's been awhile since a post, but there is a pair of gloves for the tier 1 look alike set. I absolutely love the pic of your NE so I had to create the set myself. I actually stumbled upon the gloves through atlas-loot. They drop from the avatar that the last boss summons in Heroic Auchenai Crypts.

    End boss: Exarch Maladaar
    Boss summons "Avatar of the Martyred" @ 25% hp
    Item drop: Natural Mender's Wraps (this item ONLY drops from the avatar summon in heroic mode! NOT Exarch Maladaar.)

    I love this sight and all of the effort you put into it!! Really helped me look at different items to xMog :). Great job!!

  13. well , there r very nice and sexy outfits thanx for posting this;