Friday, February 19, 2010

Tribal Wear

I've been planning on doing a post for those who are interested in tribal, shamanistic or
perhaps even druid like outfits.
There are plenty of complete sets out there so here comes a rant for you who are
interested in that:
I very much like the dungeon set one and two for druids and shamans, as well as Stormrage and Stormcaller sets. The T6 Thunderheart is lovely and you should also check out parts of the Nordrassil and Nightsong sets. For a druidic look, I would recommend the Ironfeather and Windhawk items. Also, take a look at Embrace of the Viper, Devilsaur, Bloodmail, and Evicerator's sets. Soooo much yummy gear out there!!
*looks at her Portable Hole bags and sighs* Not quite as big as I thought they would be...

But, I didn't really want this post to be about premade sets, not those anyways. In my opinion they can look too set up and wouldn't be the only one wearing them! And, compared to other DS2 items, druids seem to be the class holding hardest on to theirs, so a druid really needs to look for alternatives.

But....what is a headache for me as I am blogging about this is as usual a blessing for you. There are truckloads of gear out there that can fit into this category and match any set you might want to make. So with all the choices, why go for something premade anyways? Use items that take inspiration from what can be seen in the world itself.
Have to admit though, most of my inspiration for this post has come from troll culture. I love their architecture, music, style and...dancing. But are some of my outfits for you.


Starting Zone Items

Your most basic and easily accessible items can be found among the starting outfits for the Horde. Good thing about these items is that they can be worn by anyone and at any level, plus all you need to do is create a level one alt and mail the items to yourself (says the sneaky Alliance mage). No farming necessary. *phew* It's such a relief to not have to farm an instance over and over to get that one bit of gear. So yes, starting outfits!

My blood elf mage is here wearing Trapper's Shirt and Pants, while the lovely tauren lady above is wearing Novice's Robe. Check out Brawler's Pants and Harness. All of these are cloth items.

There are also some interesting leather items from Horde shaman sets; Primitive Mantle and Kilt - there are two versions of these so check that out.

Robes and Kilts...

And if you are too lazy to meddle with cross faction trades, don't forget the Frayed Robe! It looks so sexy on elves and pretty much anyone else. It is also one of those robes that can be matched up with pretty much anything you have cluttering your bags. Try it with some simple shirts, traditional wooden staves and brown bracers and gloves.
Druids might want to try this one with some of their twig covered shoulders and helms with antlers.

What I like the most about tribal wear is that it does not have to be too put together or shiny. I have therefore tried to tone my outfits down a little. So,
before I start talking about more complicated outfits, I want to share some lovely yet simple robes with you.

This purple set consists of Mystic's Robe, Wildheart Bracers and Fierce Mantle. Wonder why I feel this is perfect for duirds...could be the bracers..

A different color of the same robe is this one: T
he Beaded Robe is only a level 6 item, which makes it perfect for alts. Doesn't my shammy look fetching? Bracers and gloves are Jessera's Fungus Lined Bands and Researcher's Gloves, but you shouldn't really have any trouble finding something similar to these on the auction house.

You can also get some lovely items from the Noblegarden and Pilgrim's Bounty world events that can easily fit the tribal theme. Djul here is wearing her Pilgrim's Robe with the Charmed Ancient Bone Bow and Bindings of Elements. The feathered headpiece is the Murkblood Cover. This helm comes in different combinations, and I think you will see all of them if you keep reading.

If you are looking for something light, yet tribal then the Spring Robes might be the thing. Something romantic about them too...hmm.. *drifts off* Anyways...
I matched the Spring Robes with Wound Dressing, Resilient Cord, Dreadmist Mantle and Wand of Sseratus.

There are several skull wands in the game that are lower level, I just have too much information in my head to remember their names now. I will update. *nods to self*

Also! Two of the most interesting shirts you can wear are the Wound Dressing and Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing. They work with any of my sets, and if you are looking for a chest item for your zombie outfit then you really need not look any further than the Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing.

For more troll inspired robes, take a look at the Brightcloth Robe and the Big Voodoo Robe. There are several equivalents out there, and most likely other colors as well, but I chose these two because they are craftable. Talk to your tailor for the brown/green Brightcloth Robe, while the pink voodoo robe can be crafted by a leatherworker.

As you can see, tribal wear comes in many colors and combinations of some pretty basic models. Here is the next one on the list:
These pink/purple colored robes are the Highborne Robes. If I had a druid, she would most likely be wearing this robe, despite of its name. The rest of the outfit consists of Wildheart Bracers, Atal'ai Gloves and Honorable Longbow.

If pink is a bit too much for you, then try this combination. Elzi is here wearing Gaea's Raiment with Windchaser Amice and Golden Scale Bracers. The Twilight Robe has the same looks but can be worn by lower levels.

A classic among tribal robes is the Sage's Robe. It has been used in many colors and forms throughout Azeroth and perhaps even Outland. It also comes in several colors and split up as kilt and armor combinations.

I like to keep my Sage's Robe outfit very simple by just adding Nimar's Tri
bal Headdress and The Fire Extinguisher. The Fire Extinguisher is one of the oddest rewards I have gotten while leveling in Northrend, and I will probably keep it until I figure out if there ever was any meaning to it. Anyways, staves like this one are quite easy to come by and work very vell with any brown, barbaric or tribal set.

Just want to remind you that the kilt part of the Sage's Robe is needed for a Shatterspear troll outfit. If you want to dress like the isolated Shatterspear trolls and are Horde, then you are in luck. The Real Threat is a Horde only quest rewarding you with the Mistspray Kilt. The top you will need is the Thick Leather Tunic. Alliance, I'm sorry, there is no equivalent kilt for us.
For other colors of this robe, keep reading. ;)

Elzi is here wearing the Silksand Wraps with Jurassic Wristguards and Cabalist Spaulders. Those who have done or are doing the Wintersaber reputation grinds and don't know what to do with all those Large Bear Bone maces can now send them to their nearest caveman. I love using these in tribal sets. Also, for this set I find that you can replace your Chieftain's Headdress with a Bonechewer Skincloak. Looks great.

Everyone can also get their hands on some pretty nice kilts and chest items from Zul'Farrak. Djul picked up both the Jinxed Hoodoo Skin and Kilt and here are some combinations that I made for her.
A perfect match for the kilt, without going for the obvious choice is the Hunting Tunic. What looks like bracers are again the amazing Atal'ai Gloves and the helm is the Feathered Headdress.

There are too many colors of this chest armor out there for me to cover them all, but if you are looking for something that is simple, leather and with fur, I think you should give this armor model a chance.

Combining the kilt with the Thick Leather Tunic also works quite well and is the closest the Alliance will get to the abovementioned Shatterspear troll set. The staff is the Voodoo Hex-Staff and shares the model, though not the colors, with at least six other staves, so check that out.

Another noteworthy set is the Vestments and Kilt of the Atal'ai Prophet from the Sunken Temple. For this, like so many others, there are copies out there - robes and kilt and top sets, in various colors.
Here Djul is wearing both the kilt and the chest item with Gloves of the Atal'ai Prophet and
Bad Mojo Mask.
Leatherworkers can also craft the very same mask for you and its name is Big Voodoo Mask.

One simple combination for the kilt is this one: Here Djul is wearing the Netherstalker Armor and Bracers. Under the chest armor is the Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing shirt which matches the colors of both the kilt and the Netherstalker set very well. The Netherstalker gives the outfit a more druid like feel as well.

A blue version of the Atala'ai set is the Celestial set and is one of my favorites. Next time you are at the auction house just do a quick searh for "celestial" - you might get lucky.
There are far too many ways you can use this kilt so recommend you just try it on your own. Still, here are my fav three:
The blue gloves on all screenshots are the Celestial Handwraps. The Barbaric Harness is a perfect match. You may not see it so well on the screenshot but it actually has blue beads on it which are a great detail if you are looking for an outfit with personality. I also like the brown look of the Lupine Vest and the color match of the Thick Leather Tunic.

Down to Earth
If you find the sets above are still too flashy for you then the most 'earthy' set you will find must be this one:

It consists of Earthborn Kilt, Barbaric Harness and Fen Strider's Bracers. The helm is the Helm of Lupine Grace, but there are lower level equvalents - best choice being the Wolfshead Helm that any tribal leatherworker should be able to craft for you.
Horde players can also get their hands on Spiritcaller's Mask, which has a different coloring than the rest. The bow is again the
Charmed Ancient Bone Bow and the wapon is simply a Heavy Spear. Spears are perfect weapons for some of these sets.
For the pet effect, grab your nearest shaman! ;D

You can also try combining the Earhborn Kilt with Raptor Hide Harness, Marsh Survivalist Belt and
Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing.

If kilts are not your thing at all, then here are some alternatives.

There are far too many pants for me to show you all but here are some names: Geomancer's Trousers, Ghostweave Pants, Native Pants, Sacred Burial Trousers, Stonecloth Britches and Heavy Woolen Pants. There! *winks*

Also, if you want something a bit more sexy, revealing or simply shorter, take a look at the Peerless Leggings.
Djul has here matched her short shorts with the Lupine Vest and Helm of Lupine Grace. And of course the antiseptic shirt.


With Elzi, I decided to take a cave girl approach. She is wearing Warden's Woolies and Footpads. The bracers are the Jurassic Bracers and the shoulders are Cabalist Spaulders. The chest armor on the left is the Warbear Harness and the one on the right is the Raider's Chestpiece.
Oh, and she is still carrying the Large Bear Bone and wearing the Chieftain's Headdress and Bonechewer Skincloak.


Always wanted to wear these but my ladies are at all times properly dressed and covered up by robes. But now...

There are a few of these barbaric loincloth items to choose from out there, but my favorite are the Warbear Woolies because they are dark, slightly more complicated and a part of a Warbear set. Any leatherworker with a little reputation with the Timbermaw can pick up the patterns for both the Warbear Woolies and the Harness.
Elzi here is dressed the same as above, but has replaced her Warden's Woolies with the Warbear ones.

And then there is Djul with two combinations to her Ancestral Woollies. To the left she is wearing the antiseptic shirt with the Barbaric Harness, while on the picture to the right she has matched her loincloth with Hawkeye's Tunic, Atal'ai Gloves and Voodoo Mask.


Two sets I have gotten good response to are these two. They are perhaps best suited for tribal troll and orc outfits.
The main items for both sets are:
Bloodfire Talons, Cabalist Boots and Chestpiece, and Tribal Worg Helm. The pants are Scale Leggings of the Skirmisher and Peerless Leggings.

For more red, here is one of my favorites: Wolf Rider's Padded Armor, Saber Leggings, Bloodfire Talons and Cabalist Boots. The staff is the Voodoo Hex-Staff and the helm is the Marshcreeper Helm.

And no, I have not forgotten about the Mystic Sarong. *smiles* The Mystic Sarong is quite popular, despite being a bit of a hassle to get as the vendor is located in one of the least visited areas in Azeroth.
The chest piece is the Feral Harness, again over the antiseptic shirt. The bracers are the Sun Cured Bracers.

If you are searching for a dark shaman look try this very simple, but interesting combination: Twilight Cultist Robe, Wildheart Bracers and Dark Shaman Cover.

But I know most would rather have a green set in stead of a red one. Hmmm...
Try the Serpentskin Armor and pants with Slitherscale Boots and Blade of the Wretched?

Or, what about the combinations below?
The outfit to the right consists of Fernpulse Jerkin, Brackwater Leggings and Wild Shoulderpads.

My favorite of all green pant outfits is this unusual set. The pants are Traveler's Leggings, the top is the Jinxed Hoodoo Skin and the boots are again the Slitherscale Boots. This amazing staff is called Conifer Cone Staff and the belt is the Feathered Waistband.

Ok, time to show you Hanu's tribal wear. Shiny as usual...

Hanuma's Tribal Wear
All the bits and pieces I rolled need on for their RP
potential finally came together to create my most complex, colorful and cloth-only tribal set that everyone can wear.

PS! If you can wear leather, pretty please try the top with the Mystic Sarong! I think it might be a very good combo.

So, what Hanu has on here is the Polychromatic Visionwrap and Skirt of the Old Kingdom. As usual the bracers are the Crimson Bracers of Gloom and the belt is the
Cincture of Polarity.
As far as belts go, you can also try the Eldr'naan Belt and Grasp of the Old God. They don't look so bad either. I just wanted shiny.
Nimar's Tribal Headdress is the feathered head piece she is wearing. I believe this is the only feathered helm avaliable to clothies.
The dagger is Wub's Cursed Hexblade from Zul'Aman and the offhand is my old Fetish of the Primal Gods.

The Onlyxia Scale Cloak
is perfect for this set and so many other tribal sets. I recommend it.

In the screenshot above I have replaced the Polychromatic Visionwrap with the Eldr'naan Jerkin and Bracelets. Ivycloth Cloak is the name of the bright green cloak to the left.

The amazing shoulders are Amice of the Convoker from Sunwell, but there are some equivalents, PVP items mainly. I just love that even a clothy can get shoulders that look like that. Of course druids and others that can wear leather and mail will have more choices here.
The two staves are Serpentcrest Life Staff and Terokk's Shadowstaff, but there are so many other amazing tribal staves out there. I know I always complain about Wrath but as far as weapons are concerned I think they have done a decent job. I have seen some very nice decked out wooden staves, that I of course cannot remember the names of. But check that out.

This is Hanu in pretty much the same set, but with more Eldr'naan items - shoulders, bracers, belt and chest armor. The Eldr'naan set comes in several colors and for lower levels as well. It is the ultimate island tribal wear.

Below you can see Djul wearing the Eldr'naan lower level equivalent pants and a more blue version as well. There is also a purple set of this model, though I cannot remember the name right now. Screenshots from Cata of the new Horde race - the goblins - have the goblins wearing the purple version of this set. So there you go.

This is the tribal wear from outer space. *laughs* Not my fault that this is avaliable in the game, and I won't complain as I love it!
So what is this? Well...
The robe is the Barbaric Cloth Robe. I have added Netherwind belt and bracers and the Headdress of Alacrity. The staff is Staff of Sinister Claws (a reintroduction of an AQ staff).
Also try the Surgeon's Needle. It's such a lovely blade.

I know I said I would not write about sets in this post, but there is one I would like to mention because it is my favorite and that is the Blessed Regalia of Undead Cleansing. I really wish the design team had used more of this stuff (Yes, I know paladins are blessed with another set like this), but at least I have this.
For those who do not know, this set is no longer avaliable as it was part of the scourge invasion pre Wrath. The non-cloth versions of this set offer a kilt and a chest piece that look pretty much the same as the robe, which means more freedom to make a custom, one of a kind outfit. *mutters jealously*

I have added Nimar's Tribal Headdress, Fetish of the Primal Gods and Meathook's Slicer to my regalia. Another weapon that looks very nice is Wub's Cursed Hexblade from Zul'Aman.

Now...Zul'Aman is packed with awesome, tribal inspired troll gear. You need to take a look at the loot table if you are looking for some special items! Yes, you really do! Hanuma, for instance, is currently farming Robes of Heavenly Purpose in there. Wish me luck. *smiles*

Ok, so I feel my love for troll and shamanistic culture has made me neglect the druids. Unfortunately, I am leaving for Vegas in a couple of hours so I cannot farm up the gear I have not been able to grab earlier *screams for bigger bags*, but I do have some tips for you!

I have already mentioned some sets and set items that might be of interest to druids.

The cheat-screen of the female tauren shows the Windhawk items, while the one of the male shows the Ironfeather items. I believe these are quite nice for druids.
I am pretty sure I have seen chest items like these in blue shades on the auction house and promise to check that out when I get back.

The Arcanoweave Robe and Embrace of the Wind Serpent would also work pretty well for druids. So would robes and chest and kilt items that share similarities with the now reasonably commonand oh so lovely Ymirjar Physician's Robe.

However, the most basic robes you can go for are the different versions of the night elf druid starter robe
- Novice's Robe . The one I prefer most though is the yellow Willow Robe.

Oh! Last minute addition thanks to Dengan! Mistyreed Pants and Tunic - for those of you who dislike robes. Here is a screenshot of the entire set. I think most of the items look very interesting. Thanks Dengan!

Mounts and Pets

As with most things concerning the tribal, the Horde are truly blessed when it comes to
mounts. Both flying and ground mounts of the Horde work wery well with any tribal set. The Alliance do however have an option with the elven tiger mounts and there is always Brewfest for the Kodo mount, Wintersaber for tiger mount and ZG for a raptor and Zulian Tiger.
The ultimate mount for druids who do not wish shapeshift is of course the Cenarion War Hippogryph.

As far as pets are concerned, you really cannot go wrong with one of the raptor hatchlings. They are perfect! The Worg Pup is also a good option and so is the Smolderweb Hatchling. There are also a lot of snake pets that would suit tribal wear well. The most eye catching one is of course the Cobra Hatchling. Troll fans cannot go wrong with the Sen'jin Fetish. And don't forget the mean Durotar Scorpion and adorable Mulgore Hatchling and Brown Prairie Dog!

Totem tip! You don't have to be a shaman to have a totem! The Totem of Spirits is a quest item from the old Hyjal atunement quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley and as long as you have the quests, you will have the totem. Not only can you summon it anywhere, and resummon it pretty quickly, it also fits the theme perfectly.

Ok! That's it for this time! Hope you find something you like. Three hours left to pack and get to the airport. *pressure* Wish me luck in Vegas!

What do you wear?