RP Outfit Index

I have noticed that I am a very messy blogger and that what makes sense to me, may not always make a whole lot of sense to others who are looking for very specific RP outfits. So...
This is where my messy blog is finally placed into some form of order (as much order as I can put it in). At the bottom of the page you can find a color coded index of my posts as well.

Class/Race/Prefrence Specific Outfits
Again, I think that the character's personality determines what kind of outfits that character wears. A paladin does not have to stomp through cities in all plate armor...but here are some posts that are fairly specific in one way or another.

Druid Outfits - All leather wear with druid culture as inspiration - Tauren and Night Elf.

Tribal Wear - Mainly mail, leather and cloth items inspired by WoW's tribal races. Troll culture has been a major influence in this particular post and it should be of interest for traditional Troll, Orc and Tauren characters.

The Hunt for Shiny Helms - A review of a Shadowmoon Valley quest that rewards impressive helms for each class, followed up by:

Hats, Hats, Hats...and a Helm - Deals with all cloth helms and one of the most unique druid helms in the game.

"Keep the noise down. People are reading here." - A post on how to roleplay a librarian and a rogue.

Hotter than Ragnaros - all sexy outfits.

Mage-inspired posts:
Fire Mage Red - All cloth, all red outfit post, inspired by and designed for fire mages.

Arcane Mage With Higher Learning? - One outfit for arcane mages, specifically designed to suit the Kirin Tor Familiar.

Dalaran Wizard and Dalaran Wizard Update - Dalaran inspired outfits as well as a Dalaran mage lookalike outfit tutorial.

Mage Outfits Part One -  Mage wear: A summary of interesting mage NPCs and how to dress like them.

All The Little Things
These posts deal with every item that is too small to be included in an 'outfit' and is often viewed as an unnecessary accessory. However, these items often distinguish a meticulous dresser from a more casual one.

Trinkets Part I - Mount related trinkets and party trinkets.

Trinkets Part II - Companion trinkets and Argent Dawn trinkets.

Trinkets Part III - Transformation, combat and noteworthy trinkets.

Tabards - A post about guild tabards and noteworthy quest, faction and pvp tabards.

"Keep the noise down. People are reading here." - Deals with RP items such as ingame books, letters and pictures as well as other items that are noteworthy to roleplaying a librarian or scribe. Features an introduction to the Gryphonheart Items addon.

World Events
I am not too fond of creating outfits for world events only as I feel they often turn out too much like costumes but I will at times give examples of what my characters wear. My world event updates will give you a review of the events themselves and some information on items of interest that drop or are sold during these holidays.

World Events Part I - Brewfest, Hallow's End, Pilgrim's Bounty and Winter Veil.

World Events Part II - Love is in the Air, Noblegarden, Children's Week and Midsummer Fire Festival.

For more on world events, read That Lovely Dress - Short article devoted to the Lovely Dresses - and my lament to the Heart Candy in You Broke My Heart...Candy...

Posts containing outfits worn by NPCs in the game.

Dalaran Wizard outfits.

Darnassus mount vendor and Night Elf flightmasters.

High Inquisitor Whitemane and Argent Confessor Paletress.

Color Code?
If you are interested in outfits of a particular color, try here. But be warned, posts dealing with class or theme will usually cover an outfit or two in every color. Only the most dominant colors of each post will be registered here.  ;)









RP and Game Related

"Keep the noise down. People are reading here." - Discusses roleplaying a rogue and librarian as well as it gives an overview of useful items and outfits. Features a short introduction to the Gryphonheart Items addon.

Moving Servers - tips and farewells.

Cataclysm Sightseeing and Vashj'ir and some gear... - Two articles about the upcoming expansion with screenshots from the Beta.

Hope this was of some help to you all! ;)