Saturday, January 8, 2011

WTB a Time Turner

Hope you all got some well deserved rest in the past weeks. You've probably been leveling a bit since my last post and I'm sure that many of you have managed to see more of the new Cata gear than I have had time for. I've become one of those people who work their ass off to afford all the things they want in life only to find out that they have no time for what they can now afford because they are...well...working their ass off. *sighs*
I've been working about 130% for a while now and though I really want to cut back on the hours it's easier said than done. I enjoy my job a lot. Wish I could somehow have the time to work this much, have a social life, paint, write, play wow, run my guild and write this blog...

But until I get my time turner, posts will not be coming in as often as I wish they did.