Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a girl will do for clothes...


While I am working on the mage posts, here's something to read for you. Brewfest has come and gone. Since I had already done all the quests, gotten all the items, achievements and mounts, I decided to take advantage of the new LFG system for Coren Direbrew to make myself a different challenge. I would farm the Circle of Flame.
For those who are not familiar with this helm: it is a 1% epic drop off of Ambassador Flamelash in BRD and -the- most amazing mage helm out there. It has a use function that wraps the caster in evocation like flames. You will see it in the upcoming posts. ;)

So, here's what this girl did for the Circle of Flame:

One. Joined the Coren Direbrew random and helped the group defeat him. Yes, some people just run for the bar in the Grim Guzzler, but I personally think that abandoning your random teammates is extremely rude and selfish (no matter how easy the encounter is).

Two. Thanked group and headed for the bar where Plugger Spazzring has 10 Dark Iron Ale Mugs for sale - bought the lot. This is because eventually I had so much ale that I saved time by going straight for the "open the back door routine".

Three. Offered three rounds of ale to Private Rocknot - that makes it six ale. No need for more. Once he got his ale, Rocknot headed for the kegs and I for the bar door.

There is a sweet little bug here that will actually let you go through the bar door before the cork smashes it open and enrages Phalanx. By standing with your back to the door you will see this as your camera simply goes through the door and lets you view the room behind it. At this point you can just walk through it. This actually did save me some time. As soon as the door opened I rejoined LFG for Coren.
(As a mage you can also blink though Phalanx or walk through him by using Invisibility.)

Yes, this is what my bags look like... :S

Four. Popped my Invisibility and ran through, or just around, the group of dwarves and down the first corridor to the left. Flamelash went down quickly. Looted and accepted the incoming LFG group invite. Rinse and repeat.

After about 180 runs I finally had my helm. Yes, I was locked out of every single instance and raid I wanted to do for about an hour after my Direbrew farms, but it was definitely worth it. I even ran into someone who was after the helm himself! Really hope he got it. :)

Though this is one of the most efficient ways of farming the Circle of Flame, there are also other ways. If you do the Love Potion quest in the bar, you will skip the ale run to open the door. I didn't really find the ale part very time consuming so I never tried it out, but it is definitely an option. You can also kill Plugger Spazzring for the key, but it will aggro the entire bar.
Just remember that the only way to bypass the instance lockout and enter more than five times an hour is queueing for Coren Direbrew during Brewfest. All other times of the year, you have to go through the instance the normal way, or use your Direbrew's Remote. The remote is on a one hour cooldown though...
What has worked for me before Brewfest was making sure that I have one last remote run at the end of the day and logging inside the instance. This is because when you log back in the next day, the instance will have reset, you will be back in the Coren room in the bar and you will have one run and a remote off of cooldown for a new reset and rerun right away. ;)

 And then the story of your custom cross faction gear pick up. Most of us have done it, but perhaps not quite like this. ;)

"So what is a young mage like yourself doing in such a hostile place?"
"Oh, just a bit of shopping, you know... You wouldn't by any chance have a Snowhide set for sale?"

After doing my post on white outfits, I go to check Kirina's site and find out that the Horde (lucky Horde...) have a set exactly like the Boneshredder for sale in Borean Tundra. A vendor? Darn! And here I was, scanning the auction house for it for ages. But...
Can't just walk in there on my Draenei mage and shop, now can I?

Not to worry, I'll go on my level 27 Blood Elf mage. To Northrend.
Warlocks? Pff, who needs them! *arrogant mage look*
Escorte? This girl can do it on her own!

Step one. Find a puddle to drown yourself in. Preferably one close to the zeppelin to Borean Tundra, which leaves from Orgrimmar. I will leave the choice of puddle to you. Dying is personal and unpleasant business..never get used to it. *shudders*
Dying and ressing on the same continent will generally return you to your original res spot, so yes, you have to die here and not in Borean Tundra.

Step two. Ghost run to the zepp, get on and enjoy the wind rushing through your now ghostly body as it speeds away to the chilly continent of Northrend.
When you get there make your way to Taunka'le Village east of Warsong Hold, over half way to Dragonblight. Remember, do not res at Warsong Hold. Running as a ghost is fast and efficient as there are no obstacles.

Step three. Find the spirit healer right outside Taunka'le Village and reclaim your corpse. The village is only a short walk away and nothing scary is lurking about. You have arrived!

Step four. Tewah Chillmane is the first Tauren lady to your right as you enter the inn through the main entrance. She will have your Snowhide armor ready. The full set costs around 35 gold and here comes the perk: it is not soulbound. Truly a blessing for those with packed bags.
I would suggest leaving the helm though. It is not very pretty and skipping it will save you almost six gold.

Step five. Travel to a Goblin auction house of your choice and sell the items to your Alliance self. Remember, the lower the price, the faster you have to be at picking the items up. Wouldn't want someone else snapping up your armor. Have a friend stand by to pick it up immediately if you are worried. Selling at high prices will cost you because the pentalty of cross faction trading is quite high. I would not recommend it unless you are selling for profit or transferring gold. Anyways, for this particular set the profit part may only work if people read my blog. *laughs*

So there you are my Alliance friends, a white and furry leather set that is not soulbound. Of course this works the other way around as well. ;)

Enjoy and good luck!

What do you wear?


It's finally weekend! Yaay! Too tired to write so here's something from RL with a little WoW flavor!

Yupp, I walk my Josie on a leash at least an hour every day.

She loves it. Even drags me home when she's had enough. :)
And after the walk it's back to doing what cats do best...

WoW imitating real life or the other way around?

Got this MMS a while back of my parents' new family member...

...and thought...

..."Hello little druid kitteh!" ;))

Update! I am almost done with all the screenshots for the mage posts. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them and add them to the upcoming articles, so please send me a mail or leave a comment here. Thanks!

Was just reading Arcane Brilliance and...lmao at warlocks constantly claiming they are better than mages!
"Nat - Hey finch, can I get a port to Dal?
Finch - Sure. 500gold please.
Nat - What? That's ridiculous!
Finch - Well, ya should've rolled a mage.
Nat - But Warlocks have better CC
Finch - Then fear yourself to Dalaran. kbai"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still here update!


Just letting you know that I have not forgotten! ;) I got a job, which has been kicking my behind and a kitteh that demands cuddles, so blogging has been slow. I have been farming a lot lately and am now working on those mage outfits. Should be up in a couple of weeks!