Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another World Events Update


Back from Greece and in another town already! Leaving the country again in five days so forgive me! :)

So, I'll try to start easy by giving you a small update on holidays that have passed. This time Valentine's, Noblegarden, Children's Week and Midsummer are over - an update is definitely in order. First things first.

Not big on holidays in the real world but in WoW, Love is in the Air is one of my favorite festivals. Since I have already done a post on lovely dresses, here are some pictures of what Hanuma did during this wonderful world event while I ramble on about loot and gear and all that.

Things have changed with this event. I am both pleased to see some new things being added and grumpy that some old ones were removed. Yes, I am still heartbroken that Blizz decided to remove the heart candy. The new, usable heart candy was a major disappointment. I wish that at least consuming one would give us an 'in love/happy' buff like the one you get from consuming a cupcake. In stead you eat it and nothing. *pouts*

On the other hand, I am glad to see that we finally got a proper quest chain for the suspicious perfume quest. The addition of new bosses was interesting, though I will echo so many others: Do we really need a boss and loot for every single festival out there?

Won't complain about the RP drops though. I was almost worried that I would not get the red rose helm to drop but it finally did! Ben got his gas mask. Yaay! And those boat rides were so much fun. Methinks the gas masks were introduced specifically for the Undercity boat rides... *giggles*
Mount collectors had something to work for this time as the highly desirable Big Love Rocket - a giant pink rocket mount that every engi should have.

I loved the names of the necks that dropped as well. Very RP friendly. My favorite ones are the Winking Eye of Love and Sweet Perfume Broach. Another two awesome additions are the Heartbreaker and the adorable Toxic Wasteling - a pet you shouldn't have with you when out looking for critters for your To All The Squirrels... achis as it has a bad habit of eating them. ;)

 The dresses were so much easier to get now. Still don't know how I feel about that. Took me years to get all mine and now anyone could have all the dresses in one go? Naah, it's great, I'm just not always too good at sharing.
Isn't my date sexeh? Gotta love Draenei men! ;)

Hanuma is wearing her Forever-Lovely Rose with her Lovely Red Dress and Crimson Bracers of Gloom
The animation of the rose helm is pretty nice on male characters as well. In addition to the Tuxedo, I find that the the Haliscan suit works very well. The combination of the Haliscan suit, rapier and Forever-Lovely Rose is perfect. And if you really want to impress, ride in on a black steed with your Don Carlos' Famous Hat and switch to the rose when you ask your lady of choice for a dance. *winks*

 Really loved the new take on bracelets. If you hadn't noticed, this year we could actually wear the Lovely Charm Bracelets and they looked awesome. Only problem is again this idea that event items vanish when the event ends. *pouts* I wanted to keep these for my bank alt.

A tip for tall ladies who are sick of having guys stare at their...ehm... ;p Pygmy Oil! Just be careful not to drink too much of it. Unless you are trying to get rid of your date, in which case knock yourself out!
(Don't mean you, Dengan! *hides*)


 Why is this the most competitive and brutal world event? Bunnies, pretty robes...all forgotten when the egg hunt starts. Every player turns into a meany and we all end up camping our little corner somewhere while the newer players run in circles screaming out in frustration. I even caught myself muttering some not so lady like words to a bunny, thinking he was camping my spot. Turned out the bunny wasn't a player at all.... Well... *sighs*

The rewards are mint in Noblegarden. 
As a mage I am thrilled that we get a chance to pick up a Tome of Polymorph - Rabbit. The Spring Flowers bouquet is not only gorgeous to look at but it also allows you to put bunny ears on people. And it works all year around!

The tuxedo and pink robe are extremely pretty, and let's not forget the Spring Robes! The former robe is a light pink version of the wedding dress while the latter is a gorgeous alternative for tribal wear enthusiasts that are searching for a more romantic look. All the gear is yummy really.
Add to that a bunny pet, Spring Circlet and an egg basket and you're all set for Easter.

What I enjoyed most though, is putting bunny ears on players and the cooperative spirit that comes with this particular hunt. But seen as I had completed all the achievements for this event last year, I was kind of bored. Give us something new next time, perhaps?

I love this event! Heaven for pet collectors! Check the event info for a list of all eight pets: three in Azeroth capitals, three in Outland and two in Dalaran.Some of the achievements are not very kid friendly but still definitely in true warcraft spirit.

Even though my computer broke down just as this event was starting, I managed to get the quests done and added Sleepy Willy and Piglet's Collar to my almost complete pet collection. I was really sad that I could not finish the last achievement for the Matron title, but that should give me something to do next year.

What happened to the Dalaran Orphan quests?? Apparently, Blizzard was not interested in fixing the problem  for players who have already done this once so we'll have to wait. Oracle orphan, I'm looking forward to showing you the world next year - if Blizzard will let me...

Since I am always out traveling during the summer, this was my first Midsummer event and I am very impressed. There's a lot to do! Loved the excuse flame collecting gave me to travel the world all over again and even sneak into Horde cities. On an RP realm this is a fairly easy thing to do as most players are quite friendly. *hugs DMF Horde*

The achievements needed for the Flame Warden/Keeper titles were almost too easy. In my opinion this is an awesome title for all fire mages out there, and some shamans as well I guess...

But the loot...some of it good, some of it so and so. The  amount of  blossoms you need to collect to get the full Midsummer Reveler set and all the other fun stuff is huge. As I was away for parts of this event, I didn't manage to get enough for outfit, pet and brazier. 
 Obviously my first choice was the full set and then I took the Captured Flame pet. This was a mistake. 
Even for a pet collector like me, this Spirit of Summer pet was a  big disappointment. I don't know why I didn't check this out beforehand but what I thought I was buying was the adorable, fabulous and cool Scorchling. Only later did I find out that this awesome pet was no longer available in the game. *sad, sad fire mage*
So take my advice and go for the really cool Brazier of Dancing Flames in stead of the dull red wisp pet. 

If you have some flowers to spare and don't want to spend them on buff food, I would suggest the summer petals. They are much more colorful than others and at least these can be stacked up and used ten days after the festival ends. Just remember to remove any petals you may have that are of shorter duration, as they all convert to the timer of petals you already have in your bags.

Quest rewards of note are the Crown of the Fire Festival, Tabard of Summer Flames and Tabard of Summer Skies. Apparently there is a trick you can use to get both tabards at the same time. For more information on that, read the comments on wowhead. 

The Crown of the Fire festival is nice but it often looks more like a halo than anything else. Other options for those who want a more red helm are: Crown of Destruction, Crown of Endless Knowledge, Satin Hood and Tourmaline Crown

Crown of Empowered Fate is one awesome plate helm and will fit your Midsummer outfit perfectly. Hanuma has chosen to go with the Mage-Collar of the Firestorm.

But the best helm for a Midsummer outfit has to be the rare Circle of Flame. Not only is it a Crown of the Fire Festival lookalike but it is on fire and has a use function that will wrap your character in Evocation like flames! If you want to see this bit of awesome in a screenie, check out BearPelt's blog. ;)
With this helm and the choice of walking in fire or having your hands on fire - by using the Midsummer outfit - you will really look hot.

Also, if you are not pleased with your Mantle of the Fire Festival, try the Mantle of Three Terrors or the less known Incanter's Pauldrons. The pauldrons are brown and yellow in color and suit the Midsummer robe very well. All three shoulder items can be seen on the screenshots.

Other good additions to the Midsummer Reveler set are these two shirts: Golden Filigreed Doublet for a golden look, and Red Swashbuckler's Shirt if you want something red.

There are only two really impressive drops from this event's boss encounter and these are: the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune and the adorable little Frigid Frostling pet. No luck for me this year as I got neither. ;(
The cloaks all look the same and you can easily find an equivalent through a simple AH scan so nothing impressive there at all. But still, Midsummer is an awesome world event that will def keep you busy for a week or so.

Not sure what will be changed for next year, but I am really looking forward to it and  hoping for a return of the Scorchling. *hopes*

That's it for the World Events update. Ben, thanks for posing with Hanu. Was great fun!
I am sorry for being such a slow blogger but I just don't know my own limitations and don't realize how busy I am. *sighs*
When I get back you can look forward to an update on red gear  and a smokin' hot post on some of WoW's sexiest outfits. See you all soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Vacation

It's time to explore Earth again and this time I'm off to Greece. Can't wait!
I should be back in two weeks. Since the last post was so long I assume you will have enough to read in the mean time. *giggles*
I have also added Pages to WoW Threads. Yaay! Do check out links and stuffs. :)

Have a wonderful summer!

Hugs from Hanu!