World of Warcraft Threads

WoW Threads is a little blog about clothes and items in the game World of Warcraft.
The idea behind this blog is to share my and other players' interest in creating outfits for their characters. Some collect and create outfits for fun, others do it as a part of their roleplaying experience. Whatever the reason is, I wanted to make a blog that would give inspiration and information to likeminded players.

Almost all screenshots on WoWThreads are taken by me of my own characters. Occasionally I also ask friends or people that catch my eye to model their gear for me.

The screenshots are mainly taken ingame and edited by me, though I do try to keep the pictures as 'real' as I can. Don't want people getting an item and finding out that it didn't look like it does on my blog. I use Picasa and GIMP to do the editing but I've barely scratched the surface of what GIMP can do and am sort of learning by trial and error.

Me and WoW

My WoW experience started one night four or so years ago when my husband asked me to try a game he really liked. So I logged in, created a cute little Draenei mage and....twelve hours and about five levels later I was hooked. *laughs*
Should have known then that it would turn into a major hobby.

Ingame.... Though I love to raid and do instances, I've spent most of my time exploring, goofing around and collecting pets and rp gear for Hanu and her companions. To me, all my characters have a life of their own. They have moods and ways of being and I find that what they wear is important - hence the rp gear
Most of my RP takes place in my head, mostly when I solo, and I like it that way.

IRL... Our little apartment is located in Oslo, Norway. If we're not traveling, something my husband and I do as often as we can, I spend my time painting, drawing or playing around with my camera. I'm also a huuge movie fan - especially if it's sci-fi. What I love to do most of all: sleeeeeep! So yeah, I'm a bit of a couch potato. *yawns*

Hanuma and Her Friends
These are some of my characters, those I mainly use to model for WoWThreads.

Miss Hanuma is a very wealthy and serious Draenei lady.
First and foremost she is an explorer and collector of all things interesting, precious and rare. Secondly she is an experienced battle mage and a teacher of the arcane arts - teaching anything from the elemental specialization of fire to utility and survival.
As any mage, she prefers to dress to impress whether she is battling monsters, holding a lesson at the Academy, baking cookies for her friends or out fishing and mining.  Her closet is larger than most people's apartments and the value of it could probably support an army.
Though she is no stranger to battle, she usually waves first and Pyroblasts later. If she can, she will avoid confrontation with the Horde and plan her moves before jumping into battle. To Hanu, tactics is a hobby alongside fishing and mining.

Titles Hanuma holds dear: Hallowed, Chef, Guardian of Cenarius, Ambassador, Diplomat, of the Shattered Sun, Explorer and Flame Warden.

Titles she wants: Exalted and Matron

Dreams about: Swift Zulian Tiger, Reins of the Azure Drake and Ashes of Al'ar. But above all, Hanuma dreams of more bagspace.

Djulsuma Djullanaar
Little is known about Hanuma's longest friend. Huntress Djul retired just as Alliance forces prepared to assult the Burning Legion in Outland. She now spends her days in the wild, avoiding populated areas. Taking care of her bear Medo and other companions is what she loves to do most but will clean up go out on a date or two if the right guy asks. One day she might even put on a proper dress again..who knows.
And no, her bear is not rotten, he just has a cold.
(So many people wonder how to pronounce her name, so here it is: Jewel + s + uma, you know 'uma' like in Uma Thurman. So it's Jewelsuma Jewelanár. It's my grandmother's name.)

A death knight turned pacifist and engineer. The day Elzina was released from the Lich King's grasp, she decided that enough was enough. Too much blood had been spilled by the countless weapons she carried during her long life, both as a warrior and a death knight of the Lich King. Elzi can now be found in Tinkertown, Ironforge, where she spends her days creating gadgets while she dreams about becoming a master engineer and opening her own shop.
(I only level her through world event quests and exploring as I refuse to kill anything with her.)

Lillith Pimbury
Born and raised in the city of Stormwind, miss Lillith decided early to become a rogue. She fantasized about stalking corridors of Horde fortresses, revealing secrets that would be of major value to her king and people. However, as her rogue training advanced she discovered that many in this profession had less noble intentions and that this was perhaps not the path for her. Luckily, holding a part time job as assistant to the Royal Librarian of Stormwind revealed her true calling. 
She loved the solitude of her archiving work, she loved the books she read when there was no other work to be done. 
And so, when a newly founded mage school advertised that they needed a librarian and book keeper, Lillith grabbed the opportunity. Now, days are spent quietly among mage students and the Academy faculty, and at night she stalks dark alleys on secret Academy missions or simply to find inspiration for books she will one day write.