Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vashj'ir and some gear...

 Another little update on Cataclysm exploring coming your way. After a few days of WoW crashes - we're talking critical errors, download client nerdrage, Goblin gone missing from character list *halp!* and Hanuma being stuck on an invisible boat *missing CataHanuma*- I finally made it to Vashj'ir. I also broke my 'no questing' rule so I could show you my first bit of Cata aquired gear on Hanuma and of course my first Cata mount. But before I get to all that I want to show you Vashj'ir.

It's all so surreal down there, making me think that I'm not really playing WoW at all, but a game version of one of my childhood fav cartoons - the Snorks. Remember the Snorks? If you don't, just replace the Naga with adorable little smurf-like multicolored characters with a snorkel on their heads and you've pretty much entered cartoon Snork-land. And I say this with love, because there is nothing wrong with Vashj'ir whatsoever. It's beautiful and a good way to go for wow.

Lestharia Vashj

Queen Azshara

For those who hate the new colorful and shiny look of of our beloved pixel world, there are of course more sinister areas to visit. And monsters to battle...

Mount and some gear...

When you arrive to Vashj'ir you need to do a quest to be able to breathe under water. I forgot to check if fishing rods and the like work so I'll leave those experimetns to you. Then I found out that all you need in order to get an Abyssal Seahorse mount is a little quest chain. It's pretty easy to do so...voila! I got myself this adorable little guy. Of course you can only use him under water...

While on this chain, I also managed to get my first bit of Cata gear. I really like this helm and am hoping for more gear design in this direction. Being way too excited with all the scenery and my new fancy helm, I of course forgot to write down its name. But you're in no rush to get it so I suppose it's ok. *hides*

Here is also a robe the lovely CataEterna picked up. As you can see by the thin stripe across the waist, it is not quite done yet, but it's stunning none the less. So far so goood as far as new gear design is concerned. I have heard that most models are out now, even some plate, but haven't had the time to check them yet.
What I have seen of the starting area gear is really nice stuff and it will make it easier for lower level characters to look as good as top level ones. I like that. Was about time really...

And now a small Cataclysm followup on my sexy gear post. *grins*
Here's a pair of low cut plate pants that have a very peculiar look on male characters (I know, they look like mail gear to me).
They are actually lower than your default underwear, something Dengan had problems with. But it really is about time male characters have a taste of ridiculously revealing armor that you are too embarrassed to show in public. *nods while grinning*

One last thing..

Looking for a place to get married? Try this little area behind the Stormwind Cathedral. ;)